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Java/ J2ME 3D engine demo (2003)
A 3d demo for mobiles (tel, pda etc)

Video 3D
3D video player (Animated Photorealistic Textured meshes)

Contribs : Free pinball game (C++/OpenGL/SDL)
The Win32 port (House Version)

3D Engine (100% java 1.0) + Vrml + live motion capture and streaming (2000)
3D Application, for broadcasting Motion Captured avatars on the web
open applets window

3D Sample Codes (OpenGL / C / C++ / VRML )
VRML Extrusion in OpenGL :
CSG , 3D textures (lattice)
Moving camera view into a VRML world using X-Motif GUI
Elevation map filtering (Student work) :

Contribs : Free 1st person shooter game (C++/OpenGL/SDL)

Free Simple 3D toolbox for conversions etc (C)
used in previous projects

1990's Arts :
Old Stuff rendered on Amiga
Vrml stuff:

Misc and more

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