Dola-Sultan ( The Arab Sultan ) , Dola-Qinwan ( The Arab Qinwan )

Dola-Sinwan ( The Arab Sinwan ) , Dola-Sawlajan ( The Arab Swalajan )

N.B. We present here a short summary of all the other detailed interesting texts written in French , about the four games , that one can find at the same address and they can be translated automatically by any of translation software connexion use provided at this same site .

Also , There are many practised games for three of these new chess games , presented at the same address , that someone can play oneself to be familiarised with these original new ideas and with their inner logic . These games are not of greatest quality that somebody would hope .

Please be careful ! don’t confuse this Dolasawlajane® 's picture 14x14 given here to illustrate visually some strategic new ideas about the third dimension conditionally introduced both in pieces and in space with our 4 games which are not illustrated by any picture here and are concerned only by these presentation purposes .


The Dolasawlahjane® is an advanced strategy game where the air was introduced in an efficient way to remedy the inconsistencies of the old chess game , inconsistencies listed in our French texts due probably to its successive rules transformations to adapt it to Western rational approach without any mythical air forces like rocks which are imaginary fabulous birds taking part in the war .

The Dolasawlajane® in practice proved that it is very volatile and very complex to practice .

Consequently it appeared crucial for us to simplify our complicated Dolasawlajane® in the extreme way to obtain a very easy game almost identical to the old chess game joined however the Dolasawlajane® spirit with a minimal logistics .

The downward simplifying investigation was conclusive : we obtained 3 new advanced chess games , each one of them is at least equivalent to the old chess game , nevertheless with an air dimension integrated . The 3 games are called : Dola-Sultan , Dola-Qinwan and Dola-Sinwan or the Arab Sultan , the Arab Qinwan and the Arab Sinwan respectively .

Each game contains a chess-board of 10x10 and a set of 40 pieces (20 pieces for black colour and 20 for white colour).

Inversely the 3 games ascending fusion investigation is conclusive itself and allowed us to obtain a new game with a 12x14 chess-board and a set of 56 pieces (either 28 pieces for each black and white colour) called the Dola-Sawlajan or the Arab Sawlajan which is different from the Dolasawlajane® both in the chess-board dimension and in the peaces positions . The rules for the 4 games are strictly the same ones except for some negligible adaptations .

The simplest of these 4 new chess games is the Dola-Sultan ( the Arab Sultan ) , even though the 4 chess games have small logistic differences between them , however they have the same rules .

Dola-Sultan is a 10x10 chess-board and it has the old logistics + 4 new knights (2 Knights for each colour) called Bishop Knights .

The old Knight is called in every one of our three games (except the fourth : the Dola-Sawlajan ) : the Tower Knight and is marked RN .

The move of each new Bishop Knight is exactly in the same way like a T letter of the old one but on the diagonals only and marked BN .

Each new Bishop Knight is placed between the Tower and the old Knight : this last Knight is called from now the Tower Knight .

The chess-board is 10x10 and contains in the middle a horizontal line marked in red distributing the chess-board in 2 equal and symmetrical camps.

Let us remember that the old chess game is a game with 2 logistic dimensions : terrestrial and maritime , one of them is symbolized by the Tower and the other one by the Bishop . All the old chess game pieces are combination of these 2 pieces with some harmonious conditions except the Knight move only and with it the original air dimension , probably because of its extreme elegance and the chivalrous culture widely diffused among the western nobility by the troubadours poets who were probably the greatest poets of the world in the Middle Ages . All the other pieces moves were probably subject to major transformations to rationalize them (the spirit of the occident of that time cannot accept the presence of the rocks: these fabulous mythical birds of the Eastern legends contributing to the effort of the war in its air dimension ) . Some old references told that the old Queen move contained the Knight move .

Our 4 new chess games are neither influenced by any of these revelations nor by the theoretical 3-d space investigation developed by searchers and mathematicians throughout the World .

I think that our 4 new chess games are the best ones which include the air dimension harmoniously and in the best and easy way .

Their practice will confirm or invalidate these trials .

The 4 new chess games unified Rules :

To make easier our task we accept right away theses 3 conventions :

Convention1: 2 Kings can never be placed on 2 screws related by any of the Knight type moves (NT or NB)

Convention2: Any King put in check in its own camp by any of Knight types , this King attacked can take

this attacker Knight .( it can not move in this way freely in its camp without taking the Knight )

Convention3 ( relative to Super Queen, which does not exist in this Dola-Sultan game but which exists in

the 3 other games ) .

In its initial position and at the game beginning only , the Super Queen has in it the 2 types of

Knights i.e. SQ = SQ + TN + BN. Once the begun game the SQ tips towards one or the other

of the 2 Knights according to its last move in the 2 camps since it is Super Piece everywhere .

Except the case of the convention 1 and 2 , and the new Bishop Knight move , then for each side before reaching the red middle line all the Dola-Sultan pieces have exactly the same old moves of the old chess game

However the Pawns jump more than the classical ones .

Because the other 3 new chess games have other Super pieces they have smaller modifications at that level .

( please see extensive French texts for more details )

Beyond the red middle line , all the new chess game pieces contain one Knight (symbol of air) in conformity of their maritime or terrestrial nature.

Thus beyond the red middle line : a Tower becomes a Tower+Tower Knight briefly noted Tower T =T +TN thus beyond the red middle line we have :

T = T + TN

B = B + BN.

Q = Q + TN if its incursion into the opposing camp were done by its Tower dimension or by its Tower

Knight dimension .

Q = Q + BN if its incursion into the opposing camp were done by its Bishop dimension or by its Bishop

Knight dimension .

K = K + TN + BN ( the King is very mobile there for its safety )

P = P + TN in its advance without taking .

P = P + BN in its advance with taking including the pass taking .

TN = unchanged TN since it is already an air piece

BN = BN unchanged because it is an air piece .

The right lower corner screw is white like the classical one .

Rocking in all the 4 new chess games will put the King immediately in safety at the corner side screw .

The Game finishes in the same conditions , exactly as with the old chess game ..

What about the Dola-Qinwan Chess Game :

the Dola-Qinwan is exactly the same game as the Dola-Sultan in which we replace the simple pieces by the starred ones called Super Pieces of the picture given above . Hence it has a Super Queen instead of the Queen , Super Tower instead of the Tower , Super Bishop instead of the Bishop . All the other pieces , with their positions and the chess-board , are the same .

These Super Pieces are defined as below :

ST = ST + TN : the Super Tower is always the same and it moves like a Tower and like a Tower Knight everywhere in all the Chess-board .

SB = SB+BN : The Super Bishop is always the same and it moves like a Bishop and like a Bishop Knight everywhere in all the Chess- Board.

SQ = SQ+TN+BN in the beginning game (see convention 3)

SQ = SQ+TN if its latest move was performed with its Tower Component or with its Tower Knight Component .

SQ = SQ+BN if its latest move was performed with its Bishop Component or with its Bishop Knight Component .

All the rest is strictly the same .

What about the Dola-Sinwan Chess Game :

This new chess game is not symmetrical like all the others it contains all 11 different pieces that someone can imagine with a new piece called The Arabic Knight marked AN everywhere below and defined as AK=TN+BN .

The chess-board is 10x10 and the positions of all the pieces for white are like this :

all its right side pieces are exactly the Dola-Qinwan right side pieces the Super Queen included with .

but the left side is slightly different from the Dola-Sultan one , in which we replace the Queen with the SQ , the Tower Knight with the Arabic Knight , the Bishop Knight with the Queen like that (for white):



What about the Dola-Sawlajan Chess Game :

Dola-Sawlajan is a slightly modified from Dolasawlajane® given in the picture for 4 points :

Its Chess- board is now 12x14 instead of 14x14

Its each Super Tower is placed now at the immediate side of the Tower between the Tower and the Arabic Knight .

Its rules are exactly those of Dola-Sinwan .

It doesn’t contain physically neither Tower Knight nor Bishop Knight however their moves are always included separately in each piece .


Tuesday March 23 , 2004