IRC is easier to use if
you have access to good software...

For many information on the IRC, you should pay a visit to the MIRC site.

Today, MIRC is one of the best softwares to use in order to make the most of IRC
But there are others too...

We can suggest many others on the FTP of undernet.

To download these softwares, please read the instructions below :

Check whether or not you possess a utility package that is suitable for the file you receive and if you decide to download an unpack version :

Now, you can download the software

To download takes about 10 minutes (taking into account the net fluctuation) with a 28000 bauds modem (We suggest that you download the sotfware in the morning).

Download by unernet server by clicking on the version corresponding to your computer, then, choose your exploitation system and software.

(For Windows, click on Mirc452s.exe)

Customer for Macintosh

Mirc for PC

The file you dowload contents the installation program. Start it. It will unpack and install the customer on your computer. This software has helped you to start on the IRC

To converse directly with the "cyber-raid" channel

Follow the sotfware instructions to connect yourself. You must :