The principle

The game Cyber-trek is a sort of virtual rally across sites which are classed as "world heritage" sites by UNESCO.

Each stage is protected by a riddle, whose solution will allow you to find the world heritage site, and you will have to find the Web server which relates to the site in question.

It's up to you to discover each site by solving the riddles one by one.

All the riddles are hidden on the Web. The servers may be official, unofficial, or may deal with another main subject, but they will contain the sought-after information.

Once the server discovered, you will discover :

1) The riddle that leads to the next site.
2) A piece of information concerning the final riddle.
3) Then, you must send us a mail to valid your stage.

At the end of the game, when you have solved the last riddle and found the last server, you will gain access to all the information that is necessary for you to finish the cyber-trek (i.e. how to send us the answer)


Make sure you visit the sites in the right order

The game begins on the 18th october and ends on 24th december 1996 We organize it as a contribution to the FAUST 96 exhibition.

During this period, you can benefit from our assistance by using clues which have been put on our partners Web servers.