The rules

1 - The Regional Council of the UNESCO Clubs of Midi-Pyrénées, 4 place Agapito Nadal BP 3079 31025 TOULOUSE CEDEX organizes a virtual trek through the sites listed by the UNESCO as "World Heritage".

2 - This game of sagacity consists of 20 riddles whose solutions must be found. Access to this game is free, and without any obligation of purchase. The Regional Council of UNESCO Clubs reserves the right to publish the components of the game in any way it chooses.

3 - The game will take place during the following period: 18th october-24th october 1996 at midnight. In any case, the game will end definitively after the 10th solution to the final riddle is received.

4 - There will be only 50 winners.

5 - The person who solves the 20 riddles and sends us the answer to the final riddle will be considerated as the winner.

6 - The different prizes will be :

First prize : a trip for 2 persons in Greece during 8 days.

Second prize : a flight ticket for 1 person in Egypt.

Third prize : a flight ticket for 1 person in Roma.

4th to 50th prizes : a CD-ROM "World Heritage Cities"

The Regional Council of UNESCO Clubs Midi-Pyrénées reserves the right to accept or refuse any new prize offererd by any of its partners within the duration of the game.

7 - The results will be announced on 10th of january 1997 at a reception organized by the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris for the oprganizers, partners, and winners.

8 - Once the results have been announced, the winners will receive the prizes.

9 - The Regional Council of UNESCO Clubs Midi-Pyrénées has the right to modify or declare void the game if the circumstances require it. It holds no responsability for this.

10 - The prizes cannot be taken back or exchanged. The Regional Council of UNESCO Clubs Midi-Pyrénées will not be responsible for the damages, losses or theft of any any prizes during transportation. In the case of breakage or difference of quality, the responsibility is that of the manufacturer.

11 - This game of sagacity is open to everyone, regardless of age or nationality, with exeption to the question writers, the staff of the Regional Council of UNESCO Clubs Midi-Pyrénées, their partners and their family members.

12 - For any disputes or points of contention, whatever the cause or nature of them, only the courts in Toulouse have authorisation, even in cases involving plurality of defence counsels, or appeals for guarantee or emergency interim proceedings.

13 - Taking part in this game assumes a full acceptance of these rules.