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  1. I dont Mind (I've been told that it has been realised by the guy who did /MetallicA\ 's enter sandman)
  2. Crack The Liar smile

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Line up : Drums + Backing vocals : Martina Axén / Guitars : Flavia Canel / Bass : Anna Kjellberg / Vocals : Maria Sjoholm
Except the fact that those girls are so *PRETTY* and really cool. This band rocks ... and their 1st album kicks ass.
I dont want to judge them as a females band but they sounds with more maturity than others girrrls bands.
Many people compared them to Alice in Chains, though the vocals and some guitar parts sounds as bluesy as AIC or even Slash and the rythm part could be compared to the old soundgarden , slow and very loud (if that can give you an idea)

Talking about guitars ?
Recently, Drain's guitar player became sick (hearache) while on European Tour and was temporarily replaced by a guy-- funny looking boy even while she was convalencing in sweden

Live performances

USA Dates !

Audio Samples


Drain's offical fanclub held by Filip Nilsson ( Filip.Nilsson@mailbox.swipnet.se email down )

Drain's Record company is MVG and they have a nice official homepage
Drain is distribuated by Warner Bross Records (wbr's web site)
Also there is another fan page w/ some live pictures (use yahoo)
I've seen their 1st video on TV and heard them on Rebelradio.

OK this page is not very interessing (yet), but it's a begining no ?

More to come : Interviews and lyrics , pictures, guitar tablatures...

Also, if you'd like to contribute anything--and I'd really appriciate anything you could send along--please email me :-)


Former DRAIN STH bassist Anna Kjellberg has officially parted ways with SUPERFIX, the project she formed three years ago with ex-DRAIN STH drummer-turned-vocalist Marti-na Axen. Currently, Anna is the touring bass player for New York-based industrial metal band HANZEL UND GRE-TYL, but if any signed/touring band reading this is in need of an evil bass player, get in touch with her! in union with China from SINISSTAR.

This page is dedicated to Anna (The coolest and pretiest rock star I've never met before)

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