Contact / Blaxxun
blaxxun Contact is an advanced multimedia communication client offering a wide range of capabilities, including 3D support for VRML and Viscape, chat, avatars, message boards, object trading, interaction with agents, and more.
(Windows 32)
Cosmo Player / Cosmosoftware (exSGI)
Available for Win95, Win98, WinNT, Irix, MacOS
Cortona VRML / ParallelGraphics
Available for Win95, Win98, WinNT,
Cult3D / Cycore Computers
Cult3D is a real-time, software only, multi-platform 3D rendering engine. This technological breakthrough allows computer users to view high-quality-interactive real-time 3D on the Web. Using compression and streaming the Cult3D file format is small and efficient.
This results in faster downloads and progressive viewing. This is not VRML.
Available for PPC, Win95, Win98, WinNT, SunOS, HP-UX, AIX, Linux
Flatland Rover / Flatland Online Inc.
The Flatland Rover will allow you to view 3D environments created with 3DML (Three Dimensional Markup Language). 3DML requires no previous experience with 3D modeling or programming, and is as easy to learn as HTML! 3DML uses a basic building block metaphor that enables users to create 3D spaces (called "spots") by arranging ready made blocks into complete environments. These environments are fully navigable and fully customizable, incorporating images, 3D sound, text, animation, and hyperlinks. Rover has many features including an easy user interface, hi-color display, and support for common Web graphics and audio formats such as GIF, GIF animation and WAV.
DeepV / Heads Off
DeepV2 serves as a simple x-file viewer. Embed x-files in your Web page or create links to full-screen 3D scenes. The plug-in is only around 60Kb uncompressed, but requires DirectX 2 or greater to be installed on your machine. Fly around using the keyboard or mouse. Scenes can include path-based animation, rotations, and more. The x-file (extension .x) is the format used by Direct3D, the free add-on to Windows 95,Win98 and NT 4.0.
Entrance / Cybercore Systems
The Entrance system is the first 3D multi-user environment based on a technology newly developed by CyberCore Systems. Its high speed rendering of three-dimensional scenes presents a 3D experience comparable to world-famous game megasellers. Entrance features a chat system with strong encryption technology. It integrates completely into Navigator, providing the user with three-dimensional browsing capabilities. Entrance handles Dynamic URLs and server pushes, making it the ideal front end for e-shopping sites and virtual callcenters.
Hypercosm3D Player / Hypercosm, Inc.
Hypercosm has developed unique and powerful technologies enabling the compact transmission of 3D computer graphics and simulations over the Internet. Use the Studio development software to improve Online Learning curricula, create games, and increase the effectiveness of your 3D graphics. Sample our interactive graphics to get just a small taste of how this technology can be used.
OS : win32, Mac, Linux
MetaStream Viewer Plugin / MetaCreations Corporation
The MetaStream Viewer Plugin is the first application based on the MetaStream 3D file format -- a new open PC file format announced jointly by Intel Corporation and MetaCreations Corporation -- that enables the creation, delivery and viewing of scalable 3D graphics.
Mirage / Clearsand Corporation
Mirage is the player for MediaForge. MediaForge is an innovative multimedia authoring tool for business, science, education and entertainment, providing the full functionality to build multi-threaded titles, presentations, tutorials, games and internet content.
Octree FastView / Octree Corporation
Octree FastView provides interactive real-time rendering of complex3D objects. The plugin allows these objects to be embedded directlyinside of your web page. Rotation and positioning are controlled bythe user with simple mouse motions.
OnLive! Traveler / OnLive! Technologies OnLive! Traveler allows end users to visit OnLive! -enabled 3D virtual environments over the Internet and talk or send text messages to groups of people throughout the world. OnLive! Traveler provides compelling real-time group communication by allowing groups of people to meet in a virtual environment and talk in their own voices through expressive, animated avatars.
Protoplay / Altia
Altia's ProtoPlay runs electronic prototypes on Web pages that help manufacturers sell products over the Web by enabling consumers to try them before buying. Unlike pictures, multimedia presentations, or video, electronic prototypes take advantage of interactivity to help educate consumers about product benefits. And because they use structured graphics, download times are very fast!
Pulse Player / Pulse Entertainment
Experience realistic character animations and high-quality renderings in an interactive environment using the Pulse Player. The Pulse Player is a seamless browser plug-in that allows a viewer to interact with rich media assets developed in Pulse Creator, an integrated web authoring system. Unlimited entertainment is realized through streaming updates of behaviors and audio.
Quick3D / Plastic Thought
Plastic Thought's Quick3D plug-in puts 3D in the browser. The 3D model can be rotated, turned to a specific view, scaled and zoomed online. The 3DMF file format provides a compact and efficient means of storing 3D models with textures and camera information.
RealiView / Datapath Limited
With support for nearly all PC hardware 3D-graphics accelerators built in, RealiView is a freely distributable plug-in for Netscape Navigator that allows users to browse 3D moving worlds with embedded actions and hot links to other worlds. An editor tool works with other modellers or drawing packages to create these worlds. You can even use Microsoft Word to create your models! As the author of the 3D experience, you have full control of where and how the user moves around in your worlds.
SPX Plugin / Dimension 3D-Systems GmbH
The SPX plugin provides an interface to textured 3D models over theinternet. With the plugin installed, the user is able to visualizerealistic 3D models inside any web page. Features of the SPX format include level of detail (LOD), 3D data compression and streaming. The SPX format as well as the sourcecode for our SPX library will be published for free usage soon. Converters from other file formats (e.g. VRML) to SPX are available. 4.x browser version only.
Superscape Viscape Universal 5.60 / Superscape, Inc.
3D Web browser for exploring both VRML and Superscape's own SVR enabled 3D Webpages. The product is now available for free download from.
Virtuoso Player / Virtue Ltd
VRWare / Hyperware
To our knowledge, VRwave is the only VRML 97 browser available in complete source code, and requiring no commercial packages to run.
WIRL Virtual Reality Browser / VREAM
WIRL brings true virtual reality to the Web. With the WIRL plug-in you can play virtual slot machines, fly helicopters, see cybergymnasts flip, throw virtual TVs, watch business logos spin, visit exotic islands in cyberspace, and more. WIRL fully supports VRML and adds support for object behaviors, logical cause-and-effect relationships, multimedia capabilities, world authoring, and links to Windows applications.
Virtuoso Player displays animated, interactive three-dimensional (3D) models in Virtue Ltd.'s proprietary VTU format. VTU is much more compact than other 3D formats, thanks to the use of such advanced technologies as geometry compression, simplification and motion streaming. The result is a shorter download time for the end user; this is particularly suitable for such applications as E-commerce. 3D models are converted from other formats to VTU using Virtue's Virtuoso Optimizer.
WebGlide Player / WebGlide
WebGlide Player offers a unique new form of multimedia compression and streaming on the Web. It is the only product available today that allows the transmission of interactive, high quality, photo-realistic 3D experiences over the Internet. Fascinating virtual environments, enhanced by sound, can be visited even when using low-rate Internet connections.

iRapid 4.0 / Emultek
Make your prototypes come to life with Rapid. specially effective for on-line trainings, testing design and mass distribution. Interact with Rapid simulations over the Internet and Intranet using Emultek's Internet plug-in (pre-release version). Link your specially-packaged Rapid applications in an HTML file and make them available to anyone using Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher.