Here are some programs I { have | i am | going to | though about ...} realised .
It consist of plug'ins for the GIMP and indepandant programs also there is some sources and documentation.

Most of the stuff is still in devellopement ... feel free to email me if you're interessed in it , I can give you latest sources and/or binaries too if you tell me what is your system.

Gimp plugin : Panoramize :
This effect joins two images into a larger one ...and apply deformations is very more than just a cut and paste operation
Gimp plugin : Advanced Edge detection : SDEF Method
This filter do nothing more than edge detection, but far way better than the classic ones which are Sobel or Laplace filter
OpenGL source : moving camera view into a VRML world using X-Motif interface
OpenGL source : Render the VRML extrusion mode
Image compression using Karunen Loeve method
Image convolution filter
Classical filter, for blur, edge detection, ...
Image Palette enchencers
Polygonal approximation of random shape
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