WWW Bugs and Hacks and Misc

Bugs trapped in The Worst Weird Web By Phil "RzR" CoVaL

V0.1 Under heavy construction

Table Of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. HTML / Layout bugs
  3. Javascript Bugs
  4. Browsers Interface bugs
  5. Hacks and Miscs

  • Introduction
  • You don't need to be aware of all known bugs to design websites but many web maniacs like me are trying to make websites 100% compatibles (in other words : Not only optimised for Microzcape Naviglorer 3.10 Beta 2 with 812x632 pixels 64512,6 colors and with this plugins list ...)
    If you want to be in touch with me for suppling any bugs / suggestions / idea or if you are interessing into my services Please Contact me :
    Phil Coval : http://rzr.online.fr - http://rzr.online.fr/contact.htm

    Disclaimer : you can spread this file wherever you want as long its content is not modified...
    To get the latest version Visit my homepage in the Articles section.

    Legendary ...well i use some abreviations such as NSX4b2- (netscape comunicator beta 1 for X windows and all others versions before) NS = Netscape IE = Microsoft Internet Explorer ...

  • HTML / Layout Bugs
    • <IMG lowsrc=lores.gif >
      Not implanted IE3- NS4b1
      Supported / Fixed NS3*
    • <BLINK> ...no the tag itself is not a bug (actually i like it) but when u use italic fonts , half of letters are blinking like if they were not in italic.
      Then when u use colored background diifferent than BODY's bgcolor it doesnt display good

      ie : fff

    • <BASE TARGET=framename> does not always propelly with IE3 ?

    • Javascript error : [...] <!C-- [...] (in the view source window) Means that the script is not closed by the --> </script>
      Not Implanted Mosaic
      Bugged NS4b1
      Supported / Fixed IE3

    • about: protocol not supported in javascript (...I loved the Mozilla dino)

    • Window.Open methods open a new but BLANK window on X windows / Mac NS 2 ? Well ...there is a simple way to fix this : it is to open the window once again.

    • Search Method / Fake CGIs
      you can make fake cgis with JS ... like calling url/backgroud.htm?imagetoinsert.gif ...that would insert the image in a background
      Not Implanted
      Bugged IE3
      Supported / Fixed NS3*

    • Window.open method : Can't resize the opened window

    • window.scroll(x,y); method does not work when u set the scrolling bars off
      Not Implanted IE3-
      Bugged NS3* NS4b1
      Supported / Fixed

  • Browsers Interface Bugs
    • You can't print frames or Forms or even JS generated text ?
      Well this has been fixed in newser browsers ...but none of them print JAVA applets results :-(

      Netscape Navigator:

    • Cant delete mime types bad entered without editing the mimetypes file
    • Unable to find Local Files : Unable to find c%7c\middir\midfile.mid When your midi is in the middir on your HD ??? Well the problem is that NS decide to code the C:\ path as C|/ and (to avoid the confusion bettween to port numbers on httpd servers [ie http://www.rzr.com:666/index.htm) then when you click on a link from a Local Generated Directory page ( ie file://C|/ ) the new url is now something like C%7c/anyfile.htm ok it works for HTML files but not forn 'plug'ins' files such as midi or wav so u must be in the C|/dir and not is the C%7c/dir ...ok? (i will try to be clearer from now on)
      Not Implanted
      Bugged NS4b1-
      Supported / Fixed IE3-

    • Can't access bottom of bookmark on X windows ? well buy a biggest screen or Load the local file ~/.netscape/bookmarks.html (same for your address book)
      Not Implanted
      Bugged XNS3-
      Supported / Fixed

    • ON IE3 when u toggle the toolbar off click on link toggle the bar on ...the url has not been updated

      NCSA Mosaic:

      • http:// protocol must been written in lower cases (http://)

  • Hacks and Misc
  • Maybe you were expecting something like well I am only going to give you some (good) hints that might help you and do not annoy others at the same time
    • I don't know many way to hide the source from the view source window ... I made a little app for that it is called JAMMER and availlable on my homepage.
    • More to come : Increase Traffic on your webpage
      • Alta Vista - References first 30 words on page for description unless you use META TAGS. Alta Vista determines the priority of matches by indexing the words closest to the beginning of the front page.
      • Infoseek Indexes the first 200 characters of your site after the HTML BODY tag unless you use META TAGS in the creation of your site. Your description can include up to 200 characters of text.
      • The Lycos engine compares each page to your query and gives higher scores to pages that contain the words as you typed them into your Web Site. It also looks for pages that mention these words early on, rather than far down.
      • Yahoo searches for words in URL, title & description (- 25 words) YOU ENTERED when submitting URL!
      • Webcrawler - Webcrawler computes its confidence rating by considering how many times the terms in your search occur in that document. The more frequent, the more relevant.
    • Mail bombing...
    • Netscape Fun : wysiwyg://0/file:/C|/WEB/RZR/FRAMES.HTM WTF ??