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play until the cosmic rays crash your computer


Enjoy "House of 1000 Corpses" Pinball Game, download game at : http://rzr.online.fr/game.htm

Cards Game

Card game : Interview with a Zombie http://signfiction.free.fr/games/Zombie


Flash Cartoon


The deal is to produce a flash game(s), since none of us can do it on his own, lets set up a team and release an open source product.

The game will be on the "zombie land" site which allready drains more than 100 visitors per day.

Some ideas : style : An arcade game (sort of mix beetween tetris and ghost and goblins) design : a cartoonish horror psychedelic style,

Why should i work for you ? Why should i give my work for free ? What the hell is opensource stuff ?
opensource is sometimes hard to understand, but if the project will be a success, you will gain in popularity and maybe this will open you doors for a more commercial work

Also the game will belong to noone and everyone at the same time, so it will be yours too and you are encouraged to put it on your homepage and also get a little of rewards with banners.


Team : there are not yet an official team, just some pple interessed into this project :

RzR : Project initiator (programmer, graphics, design, webmaster) http://rzr.online.fr/
Vinzc : Animator graphics (flash) http://vinzc.free.fr/
XFranFran : Game concept, flash, graphics, scenari http://signfiction.free.fr/
You : all the missing rest


The members of this project are french but, please use English as a convention.


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