WARNING : This homepage isn't really mine (my hair is dark and i am a boy)

It's Jennifer's one,

She wanted an homepage and i was *nice* enough to her make one.

So let's start :

ID :

Jennifer Kish, born in 1975 and lives in cleveland, ohio USA.
Right now she is making some studies at ONU, she is learning there "mass murdering and how to kill people in spanish" hehe no she is taking some criminalogy and spanish classes.
But as most humans, she prefer having fun than working. She enjoys tough music (believe it or not but she does) like Marylin Manson, Korn, Nine Inch Nails ...
Also she likes sports too : skating... even dancing (arg noone is perfect) and hopefully the internet (Phoebee is her IRC nickname).
That's all i can say in beeing objective.

Then according to my humble opinion, I would say that she is a very nice person,a very sensitive girl (that means, you can drive her mad easly), and she sounds honest (with people and herself) and curious, well not a too passive person.
And if you need drawbacks about her, the list couldn't fit in only one webpage ...hehe No she is just quirky mooned sometimes (but is this really a bad point ?)

OK, That's all folks, Em@il Jenn for further informations.

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