The assistance

In case, you find the riddles difficult !!!

So, we can help you :

You can find CLUES in our partners servers
(especially France2, Studi, Caplaser, and unesco clubs)

It is up to you to find them and use them correctly.

AN IRC CHANNEL will help you to establish contact.
You can exchange information with each other...

If you already use the IRC, connect yourself on undernet to the channel #cyber-raid.

If you have never used the IRC, click here

IF YOU ARE REALLY LOST, you can send us an Email (mailto) and explain your problem. We will not give you the solutions, but we can tell you if it is a problem of connection, conception, or a lack of shrewdness on your part.

Don't forget to keep us informed of your progression...
We will talk on this Web,
to put the pressure on the other constestants...