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Rob Zombie & White Zombie : Zombie Land 2 @ http://RzR.online.FR/zombie


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Yea, I started the project to make a zombie pinball video game,
Any volunteers are welcome (programming, design, testing)

The pinball is under development and a Beta version is updated from times to times. So join the mailing list to be informed.
*Please discards all old versions* , and don't spread beta versions, just the link :


Contacts :

For Info the *EXCELLENT* core part of the game is provided under GPL

Support, This project is done by volunteers, if you want to sponsors it please contact us, also any of you can provide some quick help. http://rzr.online.fr/help.htm
(I am just asking for less than a cents)


If you want to be informed when a new version will be released and get some RZ infos as well, please join this mailing list : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zombieland2/
MacOSX port released (test version)
Compile and runs on macosx (macosx users shall contact me)
new version out (config saving works now)
lots of new stuff will come
win32 patches merges cvs repository
2003-03-24 :
New Version ; test it
prev version : problems reported on running with WIN XP
2003-03-21 :
New windows + linux (test) version released
2003-03-16 : WIP
bug fixed : WIN32 / res change
2003-03-15 : WIP
wip : MacOSX port under preparation
new : Linux version ready
new : few changes on the table
2003-02-28 : 1st WIN32 port
2003-02-21 : RzR joins prev emilia Project


There is a beta version, updated daily more or less You just need to download one single file of less than 3Mb, (will takes up to 10mins on dial up)
Latest version : pinball-test.zip
Previous version (if you have trouble with the 1st one) pinball-WIN32.zip
Others browse
Extract the zip,( with your favorite tool, like www.WINRAR.com )
MAC : Just test it I have no mac
(then add data from the windows version)
I think it can run the WIN32 version under Virtual PC.
I am sure I can compile it on MACOSX (contact me)
I'd also like to build a native version for PPC macs under OS9-
I just need a mac shell or lend me a ibook :)
LINUX Ix86 :
There is are rpms ans sources @ pinball.sf.net
Then copy the data files off the win32 version.
I think It could be supported on XBox ( http://openxdk.sourceforge.net ) as well as Unix supported boxes (PS2, N64 etc)
Unixes, dos, amiga , palms etc ...
this won't be done until an experienced user join the project.


Did I say that controls are :


It has been Tested on : 3D Video card with opengl support is preferred.

TroubleShooting :

if it is too slow try this : go on config : set textures to none , resolution 320x200, disable dyn light, view=fixed, etc


If you have some idea on how the game could be improoved etc, leave your idea at the board or email me

ALso when reporting bugs, performance stuff, please make sure to tell :

Please can you email the log file (pinball/stderr.txt) it logs your graphics abilities, then i can fix bugs or optimize for upcoming versions ... thanx Developers, The project is hosted at Sourceforge.net : http://sourceforge.net/projects/pinball

Here are the "rzr" corner side with various docs etc

Wanna join this Zombie pinball game project ?
Just sign here here, you're engaged, yea everyone is accepted.

There are several tasks to be done, some needs advanced knowledges but some are really easy.
Depend on what your skills are (music, gfx, code, test) ?
Pick some missing task , and start

To enter to Crew :

opensource is sometimes hard to understand, but if the project will be a success, you will gain in popularity and maybe this will open you doors for a more commercial work

Also the game will belong to no one and everyone at the same time,
Well Maybe you should read this http://rzr.online.fr/licence.htm

Greetings goes to : *henqvist@Emilia* !!! (coding), pnf@pt (coding), frantz.d@fr (3d house), ramlaid@fr, sloky666@usa (collage), koral@dk, fred.m@fr, kadorone@fr, cDlm@fr,


You have *NO Rights untill you read the licence http://rzr.online.fr/licence.htm
The code source of the engine is GPL'ed licensed, ( http://www.gnu.org/ )
SDL Copyleft : The Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL for short) is a cross-platfrom library designed to make it easy to write multi-media software, such as games and emulators.
The SDL library is distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL license: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html
The source is available from the libraries page at the SDL website: http://www.libsdl.org/

So that game is opensource, You can latest version get on demand

That means that you don't have to pay to use it. but If you want to support this project, please read

For supporting the project please read : http://rzr.online.fr/help.htm
(I am just asking for less than a cents)

Also If you want to support the project support the core developer of the engine (address above).


If you have some files to share please

Also please can you note down (in text / html files)
What you are doing on and how problems are solved.

Here are things you might able to do (classed by priority order)
Testing & Suggestions are also welcome
If you plan to do some stuff please warn us (see contacts)


Previous project (in voodoo state)

For your information : All my work was done under GNU/Linux, compilation (mingw32) even testing under wine (need to be improved for a decent use).

No zombies were injured during the realization of this game.

I am looking for a contract in the IT/3D etc field,
I wish to relocate for an experience abroad (English preferred),
Check my Ad: http://rzr.online.fr/job.htm


WZ+RZ fan page
Free Software :
Programming :
http://www.libSDL.org/ - nntp://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lib.sdl - irc://irc.freenode.net/sdl
Free graphics :
Pinball Resources :
Game Creators / Job seekers ;)

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