Some developper resources to read :
Sources : cvs login cvs -z3 \ co pinball Lastest tarball source :

Compile on W32 with msvc (MS Visual C++ 6), mingw32 gnu Official project is :


IMPORTANT : When modifying files, PLEASE backup them with renaming the original one with the .orig extention And Choose a unique id (Loginname) and comment modified lines by
//!+rzr : starts here 
... code
//!-rzr : stop here ...explain why

or on one line //!+-rzr i changed this patch to ... was // ...


Please choose to use free software that is ported to all plateform (when possible)

Why shall I learn the free software XYZ which might be less powerfull ZYX ?
Well I think that once you have the skills in that software you can use it everywhere Legally ... then if you get employed for some job showing your boss what you can do can makes him hire you, but if you tell him that he doesnt need to buy a prohibitivelicence ...

Maybe you may Think all this sounds complicated to me I havent enouhgt skills in this, but we all learn by practicing so I suggest you to get those FREE software, do some tutorials. And then (a few hours after) you can pick some task in this list
I know it is discouraging at 1st sight, but u will quicky get some nice results.

Softwares :



1/ install external libs (opengl + sdl) 2/ compile each libs "pinball/base" & "pinball/addon" 3/ compile all "pinball/src" objects 4/ link main program ( "pinball/src/Pinball.cpp" ) along "pinball/src" objects and both Statics libs ( addon & base )


Hello, I am looking for help of mac users to port a free 3d pinball game the project allready compiled fine, I am just looking some smart user to compile it from time to time On perfect days, It should takes up to 10 mins.. I can assist you to build it though IM or Irc @ I put the instructions at
Also this file may be really helpfull
# First: install those external libs 
# Check if having opengl , and install it if not ( lib + headers)

# How to install those pkg in user dir ? well we're gonna build them later



mkdir -P ~/tmp/pinball-src  # setup your userdir
ln -fs ~/tmp/pinball-src /tmp/ # will be helpfull (later)
cd /tmp/pinball-src # when used with project builder (later)

# Then  the sources , 

	cvs login 
	cvs -z3 \
	 co pinball

# If you do not have CVS you can get a tarball at :
# or
# or


If using fink this is like standard gnu/unix :
cd pinball
	libtoolize --ltdl --force
	automake --add-missing

configure --prefix=/tmp/pinball-bin && make  && make install



# If you prefer to build a project builder workspace,
# this have allready be done , contact me

# (have been builded once, but you have to make the path again)

If you make a project builder
please use those conventions :

mkdir -p /tmp/src/pinball
ln -fs ~/your/home/dir/pinball /tmp/src/pinball

Then Open /tmp/src/pinball/ files from your project builder

Also are there special Symbols defined in project builder's env or headers
specially those that can be identified as user is compiling through PB

and make a mac package (how to build those .pkg.tar.gz and install them ?) ? irc://


cvs login && cvs -z3 co pinball
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