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Listen to single song : http://robzombie.fanspeak.net/?L2559
and : http://robzombie.4thefan.net/?C1699_194300

Album release : 2006-03-28 ; More info on Offical Website

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Zombie explained the meaning of the title: "It was a weird kind of phrase, like, that I remembered as something as a kid. You know, my parents, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, the whole family, were involved in carnival business and, like, circus business, so as a kid, we would get dragged to these things, and we'd have to spend all this time there. And that was just one of the attractions I remember, what they would call the trained animals, you know, educated horses."

AUDIOHEAD.net Interview and tech info : http://www.audiohead.net/interviews/robzombie/

When American Witch video comes out (with the mixed footage from Educated Horses tour) they filmed footage in Denver, Mesa, and Corpus Christi for the video, I think. 3 different places (or more) he also said multiple times at the concert that he'd be finally finishing the video that he's had planned since 1992 the home video


Track Listing

  1. Sawdust in the Blood
  2. American Witch
  3. Foxy, Foxy (1st single)
  4. Seventeen Year Locust
  5. The Scorpion Sleeps
  6. 100 Ways
  7. Let It All Bleed Out
  8. Death of it All
  9. Ride
  10. The Devil's Rejects
  11. Lords of Salem

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ENTER ZOMBIELAND2 for White Zombie & Rob Zombie etc

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