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was a rock star previous his career as Antichrist

He is know to be a workaholic with different skills such as :
  • Musician / Singer
  • Movie director
  • Scenario maker
  • Cartoon drawer
  • Singer
  • Producer
  • Designer
  • Media person (TV, radio ...)


He didn't even do anything before forming White Zombie in a day of 1984 . Over 10 years in the Underground NYC scene they moved to LA and released two majors albums.
In 1997, the band disbanded and now he runs his own solo carrier and has several albums out under Rob Zombie name.

After more than 10 years of work in White Zombie , Rob Zombie as been also involved in some production for other bands (some under his own Label "A GoGo Records" )
One of its best prod is this halloween compilation

Mr.Zombie is known to do the vocals part of the song but did you know that he uses some sort of a keyboard/synthesizer to get the general idea of the tune that He's writing or brainstorming on...then the other guys listen and take it from there ? (confirmations needed)



Rob is a movie fanatic ... he always said that he would like to quit music for directing movies ...
Dream (or nightmare) came true with HOUSE OF THE 1000 CORPSES

Rob directed most of his music videos.

He was the production assistant in "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" but he was uncredited, so don't expect the name ROB ZOMBIE to flash up at the end!

Tryed to wrote and produce the Crow 2037 (3rd Sequel) but it stopped so they got Chip Johannessen to write it and Bharat Nalluri to direct. It's called Crow: Salvation

He also was the assistant director (uncredited) for "Beavis & Butt-head Do America" as well as drawing the cool hallucination scene

Anchor Bay will release the movie in the U.S. (with IDT Entertainment, parent company of both Anchor Bay and Film Roman, handling overseas distribution), and Zombie will executive-produce and write the story.

Big news, well to me at least... Zombie gas just signed on to direct the next in the Halloween series... "Halloween9" will be completely different than any other in the series, explains Zombie. It will focus more on the life of a young Michael Myers, and is due fo release in October of 2007.


Rob Zombie is at it again, but this time he's working on a cartoon. Thats right, Zombie explains this as a "rated X" cartoon. Zombie will team up with Danny Trejo, Tom Papa, Paul Giamatti, Sherri Moon, and others for this wacky adult themed cartoon that follows the adventers of a Mexican Wrestler turned superhero. The film will be co-written and directed by Doug Lawrence, who himself, has quite a bit of cartoon experiance writting and directing several episodes for Spongebob Squarepants, Rocko's Moderen Life, and many more "Nicktoons." The Haunted World of El SUperbeast is slated to arrive in theaters in early 2007. (more information as it becomes available)

Interview : http://www.screamifyouwantit.com/component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

* http://www.screamifyouwantit.com/audio/zombie/wimpy-mini.swf
* http://www.screamifyouwantit.com/audio/asdfasde2/wimpy-mini.swf
* http://www.screamifyouwantit.com/audio/poiyweeui4/wimpy-mini.swf


He is often on TV, and appeared in :



Sample drawings


Who did all the drawings ? The answers takes only 3 letters : R.O.B.
When he was 15 years old he was "studding" in some art schools (ie Parsons School of Design) but he left in 1985

He didn't published full book so far, beside issues of Zombie Zine and some of his drawing in commercials ads (guitar hardware, Vodka)

He contributed to the film "beavis and butthead do America".

Also he was working on a comic book too (which could be realized on Marvel comics)
His favorite comic book is the Fantastic 4 140-something, the one where Hulk and Thing had the first confrontation

Other Illustrator drew some WZ posters ... such as http://www.allenjaeger.com/


Also He is responsible for his own tattoos.
Rob Zombie, vocalist of White Zombie, is a straightforward person, and his philosophy on tattooing is as solid and practical as a hammer: "You want one, you get one. It hurts. You like it or you don't." Choosing an artist was easy for the dread-locked singer. "I always liked the idea of them. The only reason I never got one before was that I never saw one that was really great until I saw Guy Aitchison's work. The last thing you want is a bad tattoo."
Off-stage, Zombie is an accomplished artist. He designed most of the tattoos on his body, and collaborated with Guy on the others. He spent a short period of time in art school, but ditched it for good after deciding it was "horseshit." Zombie's tattooing is confined to his arms so far, but there's no real unifying theme behind his collection. "I always come up with an idea at the last second and say to myself, 'Gee, I hope I like it tomorrow.'" In the end, Rob plans on being fully sleeved, and it will be Aitchison that does the work. "Every time I go to Chicago, I see Guy." Straker said, "People say, 'Check out so and so, his work is just as good as Guy's.' And I look and say, 'No it's not.'" (Credits : Loko , Zombie666 ) HyperSpaceStudios worked also on Jay and their old drummer Ivan


I've been in Las Vegas on '95 summer and visited the Hard Rock Hotel (Museum / Asylum ... very lame, I know) seen lots of stuffs and there was a rubbish away. I approached it and what ? Yes it was Rob Zombie's 'Costume' very cool lots of patch and stupid sentences.
Don't miss it if you go to vegas, very nice if you're a zombiehoholic !


This part is kinda lame ... but you're a fanatic aren't you ?

Rob Zombie is born on Jan, 12 1966 Haverhill Massachusetts as Robert cummings.
His stage name are rob straker, Robert Bartlett, Robert wolfgang (not sure of that but once again who cares ?) The day after his high school graduation, Rob Cummings fled his hometown for New York City.

Met Sean, She and Rob also worked together doing art design for a series of magazines.

He has a brother who is the singer of Powerman 5000

He used to date Sean , But now he is with Sheri Kitty Moon (she use to pose around him in pictures) Sheri Moon makes here feature film debut with House of 1000 Corpses, but she is no stranger to the camera. She has appeared in over 15 music videos as Rob Zombies's "Dragula," "Living Dead Girl," and the MTV Award winner "More Human Than Human." More recently, she graced the CD cover of Rob Zombies's "American Made Music to Strip By." http://www.x-human.net/house_of_1000_corpses.shtml

Is he into *any* religion ? Who cares ? Rob said in several interviews that they are not satanics. [ Anyway I (IMHO) don't think WZ are satanics ... if Insolence would be a religion then they will be religious :-) ]
In an interview done with rob he was asked what the most satanic thing is that he has ever done.... he replied, watched babe....
He says that he believes that "there is someone out there but he doesn't think that he has to call him God...."


First they announced that they are taking vacations after touring around the world several time, (rumors said that they didn't get along too much on their last tour)

[ Why ? "To give you the short version, the band was together for 13 years and did a lot of stuff, and that was cool, but we ran out of steam. Rather than making crappy records, we just ended it. There's nothing worse than when a band stays together and you go, "God I wish they had split up! They suck!? "" -- Rob Zombie ]

Finally Rob announced in several interviews that the chances of a reformation of WZ are near to zero % .

From: psychoholic(a)juno.com (ANDREW MUTILATOR) Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 00:03:21 EDT

I'm not asking you to believe me but here me out, because this is what I heard from someone who knows a Photographer of White Zombie. I heard that White Zombie might break up, but I think it might just be one person but I have no clue. Before you start saying how fucked up I am about posting a message like that, think if that was going to happen and how much it would suck..



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