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* first 4 bars are the same as the previous 4 but without opening slide

The next 6 bars are a circular picking pattern of the E(b5) tritone chord.
The Final two bars, hit the distortion box or channel switcher and play the E5 power chord.

*** Standard tuning

Intro Main Verse Riff                   Ending #1         Ending #2


Slow Heavy Bridge Part  Middle Verse        Ending#1  Ending#2

Ending#3    Scale (I use) for solo Am

*As transcribed by J. Yuenger for GuitarWorld Online.

Notes of Mike :

The song then builds up using the intro riff.
The Main verse riff is played once then uses the endings #1 and #2. Listen to the tune to get the endings right.
The basic pattern for the chorus is transcribed but the band changes it slightly when they play it the first time and the last time.
Listen for these. They're pretty simple. They go into the slow heavy part just before the middle verse.
The middle verse uses endings #1, #2, #3. Listen for these.
After the last chorus there's a guitar solo. I rarely play solo's exactly like the albums but I try to get the point across.
For this song I use Am. I tried to make the chart above look like a fret board with 6th string on the bottom.
(I'm sure you understand) The *'s are other notes you can use. J. uses alot of unison bends so listen for them.
I'm almost done learning Super-Charger Heaven so I'll try to post that when I'm done. Have fun !!!

Credits :

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