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If you have General Zombie questions, comments, infos ..., you'd better post those in the forum for other zombie fans.

Personal stuff should directly to me : http://rzr.online.fr/contact.htm

Finally you can contact me online by other ways : http://rzr.online.fr/contact.htm


Please help Since 1995 I am running INDEPENDATLY this Zombie website (http://rzr.online.fr/zombie ).

So you know that it takes time (so money) , you can contribute by visiting sponsors @ http://rzr.online.fr/help.htm
Also any link is Welcome, Webmasters feel free to place banners and links to zombieland

And If you find gamar mistakes on my site, please help my froggie english to be better :)

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Zombieland Website ( http://white.zombie.online.fr ) is hungry for any Promotional stuff (singles, press kits, flyers, t shirts ...).

Why ? Because it is run by a fan as a hobby and now the site

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It is not for publishing just for personnal collection we can trade rare stuff / no warez / pr0n ...
Any format will be fine (original, mp3, cdr, tape, copy, mpg, jpg ...)

I want :

Here are some ORIGINAL Zombie items I have :

I have some copies of other materials ...



How did I get a WZ fan , once in early 90s i recieved a promotional CD of WZ (nitecrawlers). First I disliked it, but i heard it over again (until got lobotimized).

Then I tried to find information on WZ on the Web, and I cam across a poor page , and ask the webmaster ( Kyle "C_Monster" Bacon. ) if he has/ can put the lyrics of Thunderkiss 65.

he answered me, that he has no time for running this page anymore and he proposed me if i wanted to help on it. then i learnt Html, unix and redesign a whole Zombie site.

And one Halloween 1995, This site came up ( P$YcH0h0Lic CiRcu$ )

Then i am still making it growing as a hobbie.


I'm not a rock star but here is the "Thanx/Credits" part which Follow in no f*ckin' order : IF I FORGOT YOU LET ME KNOW !

Rob Zombie, Kyle "C_Monster" Bacon, Psylip Coval
Psylip Coval, (jamesb(a)nevada.edu), Guitar School Magazine Slaine (Slaine(a)chameleon.alt.za), (Matthew.Barnes.1(a)massey.ac.nz), Glen Norman Pavan (senomar(a)bach.udel.edu), Michael DuClos , Tom Mallon, Andy Martone (amartone(a)CapAccess.org), Zil (zil(a)masterpiece.com), (stevem(a)imap1.asu.edu), (dreams7027(a)aol.com), Scott A. Jones (banshee(a)rbdc.wsnc.org),

Infos: neosiege , scottdubar, creaturecore13

All WZ fans who email me, all the net junkies on the WZ list and IRC and those who directly helped me :

And Finally other people who did good work : Ironfist, Dave Kuster...


Flash cartoon by my bro http://vinzc.free.fr

Audio Samples

Kevin Lange (For hosting all those sounds files) ; Gorf (boggieMan mix) ; Russel RZombie (boggieMan) ; Snake Plissken (the one from escape LA) , Julio G (Res Day) ; Dave Kuster (old stuffs)

Stephane "hates" Tella (better thanx carmy :) ), Junior, Benoit, My old A-500, Bladeray (nitch) , Melx (as tiny your help was it was one), jamesb(a)nevada.edu, Justin Ogden : jogden(a)rogers.wave.ca and ... YOU !


And One last thing : I am seeking a webdesigner job related to alternative music and arts
FEEL FREE to contact me if you could be interessed by my "skills"


bonjour, je tiens benevolement depuis 1995 un site sur white zombie / rob zombie : http://rzr.online.fr/zombie.htm et j'aimerais recevoir des infos, pressbook ... promo sur l artiste pour agremeter mon site qui fait plus de 200 visites par jour merci
voici mon adresse : http://rzr.online.fr/contact.htm


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