White Zombie (_AC2K_ #8)


by Psylip Coval - http://rzr.online.fr

[INTRO] Super Techno Vibe
Gtr play 2 Em chords strums (4 times) w/ vox "haw  ... :)" & keyboard

Slide riff

[VERSE_1a] No Gtr
Yeah, I am an Astro Creep,a demolition-style Hell, American freak, yeah
I am the crawling dead a phantom in a box shadow in your head say
[VERSE_1b] Part b Add the 2 Em chord strums
acid suicide freedom of the blast read the fucker lies, yeah
scratch off the broken skin tear into my heart make me do it again yeah

D||------------------------|| 4 Times
			yeah !
A||:-2--2--(2)-(2)-(2)-(2)-:|| 6 Times
  More human than human

Main Slide riff

[VERSE_2] No Gtr 
I am the jigsaw man, I turn the world around with a skeleton hand say
I am electric head, a cannibal core, a television said  yeah

do not victimize, read the motherfucker-psychoholic lies
into a psychic war I tear my soul apart and i eat it some more, yeah

[PRE_CHORUS]   Yeah ! (x4) 

[CHORUS]   More human than human (x6) 
Main Slide riff
E chords

Yeah, I am the ripper man, a locomotion mind, love american style,
I am the nexus one, I want more life f*cker I ain't done, yeah

[CHORUS]   More human than human (x6) 

Anything else besides this is pretty  much just 
sliding up or down from the 12th fret Techno vibe again


	     This tab: Philippe Coval ( http://rzr.online.fr/zombie.htm ) - (1999-06)
    Prev Released Tab: Zil 
) (Led Zep Fan)

This has been posted before by Zil at nevada. Then I added the lyrics and some guitar stuffs.
The E chords sounds "out of tune" to my hears, maybe it is because of a 3 semitones lower tuning like in others astro songs. If it is please transpose the slide riff wich anyway sounds good (with or without a bottle-neck)

If you want_infos/comment/add/correct/... please contact me

Got this straight out of _Guitar World_, June 1995.

Transcribed by Patrick Marbry

Tabbed in BTC by Bucky LaDieu

Tune down 1 1/2 steps (minor third) (low to high: C#, F#, B, E)

     w 8   e e q h 4   e e s e s e e s e s 92  e e q h 





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