White Zombie (_LS_ #1)


by Psylip Coval - http://RzR.online.FR

[INTRO]	Sfx (60's movies style)
	Play this E5 (x799xxx) chord approximately 64 times
	or so with a phasing device (a flanger will work good here)
	then verse riff


Woven in the surface a premonition of land erupting
a sparkling occasion of a city crashdown! over head
revolv'n in a whirlpool a drag-o-rama walk'n on the sidewalk
so let me see ya howl'n through the keyhole "god damn, swept away"


she      shouted     she loved it          get in 	away 	yeah!

I concentract the midnight without the benefit of ceremony
whoever said, "the one who strips your soul is the one that god away"
a weather-beaten angel descending to embrace the cemetery
got love - so mystifying "god damn, swept away"

she shouted 	- 	she loved it 	- 	get in       away yeah!
she shouted 	- 	she loved it 	- 	get in       away - yeah!


repeat this fig over and over | End on the 3rd time by:

The next part to be played is a "re-intro" to the song and is just
a flanged F# note on the low E string played similar to the pattern above

Voodoo beat on the mind the digs too deep to find
something has got to give, man (psych-out)
Racketeer or star you are just what you are,
don't play the misty, baby! (get you)
Into a river sky electro nation cry
"i need another,	now"

Drift beyond the sleeping the moon is shift'n shadows on her 	figure (yeah)
swamptime locomotion "i can't take it anymore!	"
sunlight throught the shutters illuminationg moment to the moment
buzz a halo over "god damn, swept away	"

she shouted	- 	she love it 	- 	get in 		away yeah
she shouted 	- 	she love it 	- 	get in 		away

The song breaks down to the second half called "Psychoholic Slag"
Psychedelic Fills then:


planet 	pretty	kill 					(get up and kill)
motherfucker hang me on the thrills		[*]
psychoholic slag
tomorrow is another dray (yeah)			[*]

 [*]  Ending Notes
D|------------------------	 These notes are played just after
A|-------2-------A.H.-----	  the "drills" / "dray" words

Continue the remaining portions of the song with the above parts.

[VERSE] mutted E 
Picnic in the homeland  like a jesus super-star yeah!
kiss me deadly, baby (baby) I know who you are (come on) 

planet pretty kill					(get up and kill)
motherfucker hang me on the thrills yeah!	[*]

[VERSE] mutted E 
no small heaven (haven) i got the left hand of the keeper 	(bang!)
meet me in st. louis "god" a oneway ticket's cheaper yeah!
time-travel i'm walk'n (walk'n) i got a white line zombie fever (fever)
yeah! the bomb the hero (hero) yeah get down!! 

[OUTRO]lead gtr w/ samples


Philippe Coval (http://www.chez.com/zombie.htm ) Nov 10

This song is 100% pure zombie style :
- unisson bends (in chorus section)
- mutted bass strings
- bass notes riff (like thunder kiss or black sunshine)

The exellent (and only) guitar player : "J" uses some effects with his Ibanez Guitar. But I've none :( so do it yourself w/ a wha or/and a whammy bar.
Well I've tried do separate all differents parts but you'd better listen to the original and feel the vibe. And now I must congratulate Steven M for his transciption .
If you want_infos/comment/add/correct/... please contact me

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