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mother fucker..........try this.....
hit main menu..........deleted scenes....
at the very end of dr satan's scences.make sure it's the very end..
time it perfectly.......hit pause
them go back 2 main menu.scence selection....
hit scene 5 and voila.....1 amazin fuckin scence .....check it out.


There are no Zombie new songs in the Soundtrack, but there are 3 CDs out

Mr Zombie hardly ever dissapoints, but this is just impressive. Unfortunately no new or old Rob Zombie songs, he is still working on his studio album. This is a compilation of 70`s songs including hits like Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It is a great selection of songs with sound clips from the movie between each song like on his House Of 1000 Corpses soundtrack, but this seems to have evolved into a more calculative and easy listening level. I got the dual-disc version and apparently this here is music history in more ways than one, Rob Zombie gives us the 1st movie soundtrack in the world on dual disc format. Respect --leon


  1. SOUND BITE (you ain't getting me)
  2. Midnight Rider - Allman Brothers
  3. SOUND BITE (I call 'em like I see 'em)
  4. Shambala - Three Dog Night
  5. SOUND BITE(Find a new angle)
  6. Brave Awakening - Terry Reid
  7. SOUND BITE (It's just so distressing)
  8. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels-Kitty Wells
  9. SOUND BITE (Would you say that again)
  10. Satan's Got to Get Along Without Me-Buck Owens & The Buckaroos
  11. SOUND BITE (this is insane)
  12. Fooled Around And Fell In Love- Elvin Bishop
  13. SOUND BITE (Chinese Japanese)
  14. I Can't Quit You Baby - Otis Rush
  15. SOUND BITE (Top secret clown business)
  16. SOUND BITE (Have fun scraping them brains)
  17. Funk#49- James Gang
  18. SOUND BITE (tootie fruitie)
  19. Rock On- David Essex
  20. SOUND BITE (What'd you call me?)
  21. Rocky Mountain Way- Joe Walsh
  22. SOUND BITE (You got it made)
  23. To Be Treated Rite - Terry Reid
  24. SOUND BITE (we've always been devil slayers)
  25. Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  26. Banjo & Sullivan radio spot #1
  27. Seed of Memory - Terry Reid
  28. Banjo & Sullivan radio spot #2
  29. I'm At Home Getting Hammered (While She's Out Getting Nailed) -


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