Tizen, Qt, GNU/Linux, Debian, FLOSS Communities , git, Unix Shells,
C/C++, IoT, code profiling / optimization, Integration, WorkFlows , HMI
MeeGo / Maemo, GNOME, Android, RPM, Javascript/HTML5 , Java, GStreamer, 3D, OpenGL, SCM, XML, , ArchLinux,
Ubuntu, Multimedia, Audio/Video, Networking, Web, R&D, GTK, OpenMoko, VRML, TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, HTTP, FTP, PHP, Python

CURRENT POSITION: Technical Expert and Integration Lead
PAST WORK EXPERIENCES: 13+ years as Software Engineer
  • NewLC / Wedia - Rennes France: January.2009/October.2012
    • Lead / Consulting for various customers and projects in the mobile industries (Architecture, Coordination offshore team)
    • Expert in Linux Mobile : Android, MeeGo, Maemo, OpenMoko, Qt, Java, ...
    • Instructor: Designing portable applications using C++ Qt Framework.
    • Contractor for Civolution as Android/Linux expert (android ARM/X86, alsa, C/C++/JNI) and product developer (multimedia interactivity)
  • Thomson / Technicolor - Rennes France: January.2008/2009 (Contractor)
    • Linux kernel developer (optimization, IPTV, Embedded Set top box)
    • Infrastructure manager (workflow, continuous integration, linux desktop, scm ...)
    • Release manager, deployment and customer support (packaging, virtualization)
  • France Telecom R&D / Orange Labs - Rennes France: April.2004/2007 (Contractor)
    • Design and realization of applications resulting from FT's innovation in the following domains:
      • Multimedia: 3D Rendering, Video Codec, Augmented Reality (C++, OpenGL|ES, VRML, OpenCV, M3G, MPEG4)
      • Mobile computing, Embedded, cross-platform ports (Linux, Windows, WinCE, J2ME, Qt, CMake)
      • Networks: Streaming, Client/Server, and routing on a Linux based home gateway
    • Infrastructure manager and quality agent:
      • Automation of compilations, tests, validation process
      • Benchmarking Performance and optimization (linux kernel's oprofile, gnuplot, python, nfs, shell, awk...)
      • Administration of collaborative systems, Bug Tracking (forge, SCM, svn, buildbot, lists, wiki, docs, scripts)
  • INRIA / IRISA - Rennes France : 2 years October.2000/2002
  • Internship R&D: IRIT / Transiciel, March.2000
  • System administrator & Web Developer - INSA, Toulouse FRANCE, Sept.1997/Feb.99
  • Several training courses and side jobs (more than 2 years if accumulated) : Webdesign, Free software ...
SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE: Design, Programming, Cooperation .
  • Methods & Quality: Design Patterns, Source control, Remote cooperation, Respect of Standards and Licenses, Work-flow definition, Continuous Integration, Task automation ...
  • Programming: Design, OOP, Design Patterns, Portability
    • C/C++: Templates, libraries STL, Qt, sdl, multi-threading and asm...
    • Java : android, JNI/CNI, libgcj, j2me, applets
    • Script Languages: Posix Shell, Javascript, Python, Perl, sed, Makefiles, Lisp, Xml, Sgml, Sql.
  • Systems & Environment: GNU/Unix, Java, Windows, Mobiles.
  • Computing Culture: Open-Source technologies, mobile, multimedia
  • Post-MS graduate degree: Engineering, Computer Graphics, (French DESS / Specialization year)
    UPS (5th Year 1999) , Grade: First / Good
  • BS and Master Degree in Computers Science (French diplomas: licence and maitrise)
    University of Sciences "Paul Sabatier", Toulouse FRANCE
  • My native language is French and I read/write English daily on-line and not shy to talk.
  • Also I have a few German, Spanish, Russian and Indonesian notions.

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