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Blasko was best known for his work with Rob Zombie and a bass player. But now he is also involved in some punk rock projects.

Watch out the "The Death Riders" ! they're far different from SOTE and RZ but who wont enjoy "hardcore monster surf punk" ? Well check for yourself most track of their EP are online on MP3 http://www.thedeathriders.com/

Blasko : Citizen name Rob Nicholson and he was formerly in the band Cryptic Slaughter ( Did you know that blasko was Actor bella lugosi 2d name ... and he was recruited by Riggs )

He *might* be recording the new Cryptic Slaughter album.. he was in that band before Zombie and they recently got back together and are working on a new album...

Rob Nicholson played bass for Suffer, Drown, and Prong. Rob left Danzig to tour with Rob Zombie, using the name "Blasko."

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