Songs lyrics by Rob Zombie
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1.Pig Heaven

A floating frenzy covered in weeds he's a house of power send that boy to heaven tie them all down in the field they wander and decay a mass of flesh go fade away invisible rythyms they rip across a pale face engines start a cranking black sheep race
the only good one is a dead one the only good one is a dead one--it's a silent night when the shotgun starts to wave but as always in the end theres nothing to really save eyes that don't see beyond the pain they run so grab a neon jesus and have some fun
goodbye--- goodbye---goodbye---goodbye
that girl she try but she cannot help it big jane sex walk in a frozen game call it what you will but pig is it's name now where did it all begin screeching my reflection projection strip highway crying for rejection
What it is from that day he was one as one dead - i was told to let the truth be known blackmail angels on tobacco road innocent bitch queen run to dance alley now she hangs loose figurehead valley
one more time treasure the world it's all there is what a waste now tie them all down in the field they wander and decay a mass of flesh go fade away invisible rythyms they rip across a pale-face engines start a cranking black sheep race
goodbye---goodbye--- goodbye---goodbye-- -one stop get on board it's time - pig heaVEN.

2.Slaughter the Grey

As I stand by the side of the river watching the virgin mary float by watching the currents drag her by a low song how long is gone a low song under the waves would she be saved under the waves would she be saved but
i sit back and remember god and a bomba baby burn on white angel wing all the children start to sing voices soaring to the sky time is now - time to hang 'em high...
cannabalistic cardinals suck the whirlpool dry never stop to ask why - jagged teeth across the sand are they blind pray the big man -O the king rat who ordered the attack O king rat who ordered the attack...on the edge of the eve of the saint evil eye catmanfall to the ground crows picking at his brain ten thousand times he gone insane new day riders stormed the walls the bigger they are the harder they fall...
ain't got no time for love i ain't got no time for love ain't got no time for love he fall down -shock-she fall down -shock-we fall down -shock- we fall down -shock-ain't got no time for love ain't got no time for love ain't got no time for love ain't got no time for love but
i sit back and remember go and a bomba baby burn on white angel wing all the children start to sing voices soaring to the sky time is now -time to hang 'em high...
deep in the blazing mud dogs in the blazing mud wild in the streets wild from the heat symphony angel rape got no hope no escape blood drip eye step inside step inside slaughter the grey slaughter.. it's all a circus of fear anyway ain't no master mind to care today dancing on a gruesome crime sundown gonna trap the time water birds flaming dove seek to kill what they most love.

Psycho-Head Blowout

1.Eighty Eight

too weak to run defacer eraser too weak to run, hey my friend now monkey boy chief remember by name and cut this groove deep oh deep in the wind a misery wind a misery wind take it over and explode to the now is a freedom a fool's passion love loud but wait-eighty-eight now where did it all begin push to the point of a danger love where did it all begin you got more than you deserve waterwalker a spirithunter hunt until kingdom come who goes--freedom a junk messiah--sparkle mankind--hey girl, burn now gather round crew and picture this now gather round crew and get behind the wheel of a big white Cadillac a true zombi scavenger is a joy digging through your paradise now is a freedom a fool's passion bend the steeple and teach it to dance in a black blue oasis time to sing medicine man sing like a medicine man

2.Fast Jungle

fast, fast jungle king of the road fast, fast jungle got a suicide machine big bad jungle flying down high down the sewer streets sailing down the river streets destination light neon number forty-two grind and move my way found and kick my way down and save my way hanging on psychic ride sliding down fridays child get out now before you cripple shell crowds a carbon long while a twisted root digs the citys hold careless saint preach of love modern trash scream for war citycide going nowhere citycide nowhere which ung end in a dragstrip crash leatherman singing for the past painted eyes got a face to remember king of control dead september do what I say not what I do leave it to the true beasts the mindless, motherless dog bitch spread her life on the fucking floor rip her legs in the shattered glass retaliation murders retaliation murders now the rot control the tooth and the dirt in the world say freak father to brother, sister to mother taste the failure from one another sometimes all that glittlers gold when its howling in the widows grave where a broken skull speak like a god and the head-stone reads --buddy holly-- join the ressurection rave on in my direction rave on got to rave on rave on rave on rave on

3.Gun Crazy

born with hesitation onto floating stone what better than a riverview - a slum by any other name scum - scum perfect and friendly to a given point - point to stretch your skin thin thinner than heaven air heaven air - twisted become ultimate - 2 face shine on. Vocal become violent virgin shine on - yea time for damaged lives. It lives again. But the worst is yet to come topless crawling. Healter-Skelter hidden among fashionable white pickett hammerheads relentless, interrogating, scum sucking suck. Suck true they were a handsome piece but a piece for a poor exuse for a sinking sailor by sinking sinking ragtag turn sinner. Decoy shine on. Freak out. Feast I'm alive shine on sing for a holy gun - some say heavenly. Land of hypnotic eye. Endless love. Helter Skelter when you get down falling down under homegrown $ money the need is vanished now now! Hey kind of incredible! Time to crawl over love and rotting stones like a steamrolling. High rolling. Shit kicking ego machine. Mad Dog. Alternative. Sleep. Everywhere rattle snake in a big sleep (yea) hits so good - I can remember taste so bad. I can't forget - can't remember can't forget - But I can not - like a road machine - machine


kicking in the christ Kiss crude as it is talk is cheap like a local jezebel got her face wounds Vigilante style highwayman lick a shallow grave play harmonica harmonica harmonica speaking horseflesh singing horse - flesh find youngblood Now is now! this is the end hey my friend to take what you have given your garden your eden now my eyes burn dry whithe the usual who's who is this thing called life? fascination slugpile neverband some fat ass pregnant bitch dancing her pinhole jelly veins to some jungle bell daddy sleeze looking for a stinking peice like it RAW AND SOFT like it RAW AND SOFT a substitute oyster house all you can stomach but who can eat at a time like...five fingered apostle lose a slipping gun spin and turn a tombstone blue feeling like a jesus clone in a solid whorehouse we all play the game cause time is money money wastes my time my time is dirt dirt is my carnival Now is now! psyched-out and mean mutilation peace machine pussycat in trash make a real love machine sitting like a zieg field crow classic textbook case basket-head sidewalk time has come again


get your head down bite the dust interiors rolling on another brotherhood of the gun clean up this town back to the wall pecos, texas flanked by the law got a rocket skull mantle piece boy, kiss the holy ground but will success spoil rock hunter? in an ornamental maggot cave let her go let her go let her go. Now Pat Garrett fired that proverbiable shot in the dark, but it was not aimed a Billy the Kid, it was not aimed at St. John it was meant for the secret consealed in a poker-face rustler (yea) poker-face. glass eyes blood a sucker's need "it's public health", groans Mr. Seed not a lunchtime Rat in my car crunching that Atlas wheel yea, expensive like my wife expensive like my boring life some straight ass bitch cries "hey!" "this is what you need" but an omni fool sings a dog song but it only takes an instant sandpaper tongues scratching creation creation creation minutes before his exection he was proclaimed a hero, minutes before he was another dancing corpse sporting some homemade fine tattoos yea! Homemade in a Memphis


Hey, Miss Magdalen girl sympathy mind hey, Miss Magdalen girl power. Power off, yeah grant a flesh show meek inherit nothing but death song queen sex go-go moving like a bad dream promised so long ago blessed art thou among women is this easy come is this easy go mingled with fear you get what you wish wish wish wish wish Gabriel get out this is my Nazareth wicked joy trembling town wicked joy be a raging machine chosen worthy to explode a king a king king king king king king king king drilling down deep inside heartache tests the pain girls on the bar swing around danger does the sam Magdalen Magdalen Magdalen Magdalen peace grants suspicious crashing like some animals southern terror claws scream "How can this be?" Mary, Mary sex machine Mary. Mary raging on beat, beat beat girl this is what you need this is what you need now now now

7.True Crime

(no lyrics)

Demon Speed

Raw deal institution Wreck that I call myself City slam penetration Play it like a fool Need born invention Puts the war in your face Payback time execution Demon speed crackdown Compute the kill Blackmarket war Damnation sings Brain waves roar Escape the pain In a pit of power Deep sixer sleep Like a devil flower Raw deal institution Wreck that I call myself City slam penetration Play it like a fool Need born invention Puts the war in your face Payback time execution Demon speed crackdown Give the world Blood syphony How low is your False sypathy Justice claws A death horizon Freak-zone flesh Maggot man rising I am your satisfaction I am your memory I am your suffocation I am your sanity Demon speed too fast for you Cry in the night So lonely Obsession The only Money talks You listen Hungry game Submission Demon speed too fast for you Innocent The big time Avenging My mind Generate A smooth gain Live in fear With no pain Demon speed too fast for you Fade away in the silence Speed racer baby is Lost in love I see a blood sucker soul Come on baby push to shove Squeeze a drop of mercy Place yourself outside of life I see a blood sucker soul Come on baby push to shove

Disaster Blaster

Conquest heat master Skin crack move faster Doomwatch got open eyes Perversion never lies Disaster blaster Disaster blaster Creature of destruction Laughing dead corruption Challenge to survive Love butcher alive Disaster blaster Disaster blaster Take a journey into fear Demon warp invasion Thunder wheels rolling Crush 1000 faces Sworn to fun and loyal to none When the beast is clever The best it ain't over Walk alone on borrowed time And kiss tomorrow goodbye Sworn to fun and loyal to none Lost inside a human zoo Edge of life wants you Got a grip on the wire But my brain don't get no higher Disaster blaster Disaster blaster Leather skin move to the beat Beastman insulated heat Looking for a sleeping dream Hop-head body scream In the morning Ready to learn What's happening And who's gonna burn Get on your feet Time to die On the floor Machines don't die Stealing the world Walking away Poison mind Everyday

Murder World

Summer of love What a waste now Earth magic strikes out A million dollar monster mind In search of the devil's garden Make them die Make them die Make them die Make them die In this land there's no return Everybody licensed to thrill A killer alien selling point Invasion can be fun Martian war death machine Turns into a jungle hell Hang 'em up in the trees See how hard love bites Make them die Make them die Make them die Make them die

Shot down

Watch the skies U.F.O. suicide I say believe in me Trip on mars And get free Interpretation Wiped away No more to say Time unleashes death Mid-air plague Brain damaged rage Come and get me Death star reaches Out to crush you Idealistic super-hero Hell squad kingdom Gets to jammin' Somewhere in time Rock the house down This is murderworld buddy Not just another traffic jam No credit card gonna get you home Jewels in the night don't Shine no more This murderworld brother Nobody loves you anymore Out of sight and out of mind What is it what it is This is murderworld sister A deep throating little baby-face Horror of the body is alright Come on baby and get it on


Live to die For a heart jam Fight to love a Super bitch Drive her roots Straight to hell Atomic ass 99 Another cosmic monster Spits his teeth In your eye More dead than alive Revenge is better than Love Revenge is better than Love Frankenstein Was built for you But he must be Destroyed Cut him down yeah In his prime And let the party Begin Not much of a face tombstone laughing More dead than alive Revenge is better than Love Revenge is better than Love Revenge Revenge Revenge Revenge They sharpened their war Pure fear as a weapon Brilliance through Centuries Time rolls on and on and The river of life Drowning everyone but me Turn my back And disappear Chill is in my gut Turns me loose Head splits like wood Mind collide confession Rambling remember when Sweat meant something More dead than alive Revenge is better than Love Revenge is better than Love

Acid Flesh

Great white eyes Bleed away the Trembling sound No more time Body spasm deep And passing Acid flesh Human river stepping Stones of Love and death A living legend's legacy yeah! Hustler of the dead Revolution steals the world And turns the sky to red Home sweet hellhole to the Last man on earth See what the face of evil Is truely worth yeah! Turn your eyes To the sky A corpse of blue Night is time Growing strong With every moment Acid flesh Chaos pulsing In my viens yeah! Hell house temptation Walk on to salvation Cold steel-pain trust Hot blood-forever lust Raw horror make cheap thrills Twitch the nerve get your fill Razor make clean cut River red so what Gut twisting holiday Skin dripping pay to play Stain is blood Without a doubt Godslayer action Eye to fist Fist to eye Dig the war anyway Killing time Killing time Bending cracks up In my mind Bite down Bite down Money burns In my hands I can't seem to Get enough Hammerhead Says to you Love is the one Thing money can buy Bite down Bite down Down Down

Power Hungry

Out of the past Machines of crime Brute force side-split Live and let die

Dealing I am Triumph blood is Thicker water Getting Power hungry

Track down weak flesh Some like it hot High roll get down Fist face get down

Dull years Strait jacket baby Wired from 10 years Of pain Bending the rules Seems more likely Than going insane Sweating time In the hot house Toyland broken yea Eating away All fascination Got the power To get away

Steel crush destroy Call of the soul Money mindstorm Run for your life

Dealing I am Triumph blood is Thicker water Getting Power hungry

Future alive Robot city Take what I need Young stuff Get down

Taking refuge In a breakdown Extermination Starts the Takedown Forming a theme Staple characters Flying god-head

Non-conforming Precision No direction Collision Accelerating Evolution Dinosaur Revolution Slaughter house Blood slamming Emotional Bitch scamming Impossible Demonstrate it Power hungry So I


Listen To the horror of satan sea Listen To the guns of superman Well I say Return to a platinum stranger Hooked on The enemy under your skin Panic Despite the heart of stone Doomsday For all the beautiful people

Hey I know what I want now And it's right in front of me And I know how to get it The good things in life are Always free

Landscape of greed and hate It keeps me going Victim of what's inside you Outside of truth Only hurts now when I laugh Live by fire Forever is a long long time War is hell

Hanging man twitches in agony Death rattle shakes itself free Raise you hand to the mountain Drown in your own bloody fountain Shadows become longer the sun Burns down Don't need to look I am found

Lucky If you still remember your name Freedom Visions of a showdown Blood is Boiling in the midnight sun Sizzling Like the enemy under your skin



A knuckle duster is the most deadly in the ponderous pace of floating justice single-handed dynamo. Take it now, say the way we want and not for you to point the finger combustible in a word fuck'n. Say the word and you'll be free. Contunue your journey Superman say I am we can put you down not a wizard-boy question just a demonstration of definition. Silver city crusading to the top of a fug'n bone break most vile experiment ready to eat your ass. Clockface. Bigtime. We are. Somekind. Say it. Li ke always. Sound + silence promote the zero. A steel hammer game from me to you, but I don't mind the matter. Ratmouth don't know what you need just know what you want. 'Walking dead' crawling bloodthirsty Hollywood demon flower grow in the Valley of Love like a freak highway accident. Last ride rolling down say hi-density. Glory stomp gonna make the girl in the room + in the house turn and see that I ain't there...

Shack of Hate

Ze wheels o' fire. A doubleman defier. A motor and I. Regenerate I am. Your final pompeii. O 'etched in acid. Like a shack of hate. Love in the gut a downbeat ceasar. Mother's holly roller. The invasion-man. She a real. A real fuck invention. Like mississippi sway'n. Persasion. Atomic. Eat it. Atomic. Eat it. What is a man if not a he's a rebel rouser. Yea mechanized death. This is what you need. Las Vegas loser. A fuck'n crazy horse. Violent staisfaction switching the body. To a s hack of hate. Automation. The skin buckles. This is what you need. A flesh surrender. Cruxifiction burns. Sex Mutilation a dead diamond. This game is mine. Atomic. Eat it. Atomic. Eat it.

Drowning the Collosus

What are you? I say to me. A privilege machine man in the valley of the ice house. Yeah? Joke so old that it is new. Cause the innocent they know thier place. In this slug motion dinosaur. Skin beating heart breathing. Eyes humming. Walls splashi ng. Blue blood spits from the Butcherboy. Just split the head and stand back. Out of the chaos comes a reason whipcord yea!! Hell on Earth a semi- trane. Exression of pre-occupation skin beating. Heart breathing. Eyes splashing. Walls humming. Sou l Crushing. Soul Crushing.

Crow III

"He can't get away with by the time, he gets in front of the jury he'll be a good boy;" said man one. At a little before 5'oclock he when through the basement. "Yes or no!" demanded man two bantering humor dry in his throat. "Is there more than what sh e gave you?" questioned man three as a growing flicker. Waved across his eyes. "No!" The space surrounds constitutes a classic climate this happens to now everyone in the room. You feel traces a dying sound listen to the time of your life. Standstill panic stricken. Ringing the bells of a empty houses someone answers and calls you, transfixed by committed you say "I aint no guillotine" The girl spoke from the doorway in her rasping voice "what he wants is in the house" the words hung there for a mo ment. Bending forward she plucked she plucked the ashes from his cigarette and said something nobody could understand. Nobody could understand, nobody could understand. One moment of irritation you call back "why me?" the vantage point above the stree t can be exhilarating falling back to a perspective odyessy. A track of thunder. Tower lust of decomposed intesity. I am I am I am I am....

Die, Zombie, Die

What is it? What it is. What is it? Dazzling, yea starving town, starving town, out of the cold, out of the cold |Die, Die, Die!| Moneyman rumble. Dreamtime maker. Dressed to kill. Crybaby keeper. Nature of the madness. Lies very still. Shadow bo xing motions a real believer. Areal believer. Look here, get it and go, look here. Seduction in a new new world, seduction. Into the fire |Die, Die, Die!| Cannibal collision american girl. Suck in your gut. Unlike before yea, unlike before, if you m urder. Object of desire. Now come and get it. Get it! Come get it! Come. While I roustabout. Brutalities inflictied. A rush across the room. While the city sleeps. I want to ask you. What's in store? Fleshy jaws. Now wait a minute.


Have no eyes, I must see, you walk out, a violent burst of some kind kind kind kind, mindstate a dirty little drunk and cluttered. Shinning a problem of pictorial illusion, dump the trunk and tear the little freak out out out. An unparallelleled account of collapse appearing like yourself liberation appearing like myself mutilation. Hold still now, nobody turns, said yeah! Thier back on me. Silence is deafening desperate waking up. Motive spasm my back aches. Termination detentation, da-la-sco.. no w this room don't seem so small sitting here in a cage of some kind kind kind kind miracle and some hallucination, dropped excitement from my last words shut the door and turn the T.V. on on now that I've done all that I can.

Truck on Fire

Dead in the back. Midnight sun taking all that money can buy human wreckage electrica man's first approach. Death takes a ride taking a holiday. Slick and clean a murder machine. Tracks off the road skidding towards thunderhead. Teasing the rail spar ks from his brain slashing. Yeah cribdeath, killing the craddle, crunching the baby in a dashboardlight. Yea like some cheesy ass figurines, Jesus, Mary, Joesph crushed into her fuck'n head, sprayed against the windshield, profit or pleasure I swear I s wear. Blasting away a bitch in the back 18 yea 14 childbride sunshine sex. Big day exit whiskey o'women winning winning spree so long. Skin bone fabulous path fireball fun radio on cranking saying. Somekind of portable radio melted into her screaming legs. Keep on keeping, remote images, serious discomfort, a story of more than cheap thrills, incestous demonized desire made to be broken, made to be broken, made to be broken....

Future Shock

Years have a come and gone. Now I stand forward. More than I ever was. Assault and reassemble. Mr. Paranoid. A real backseat driver. But, I had to move out of there. Yea as fast as I can. Time waits for no one. When its crawling up the walls. Bu t I never wanted this. I never wanted this. Lines of amusement cracked on my face. Like some apalling beauty coming up out of the floor, but you had to admit there was no explaining this there was no explaining this, no clumsy moral corruption substitu ting the conscience like some ape ancestor, ape-incestor grinning under his pompous robot rack overboard. "Hey, buster" Just how you doing. An uneasy alliance leaving more dirt than before. Before they ever knew what hit 'em. Yea what hit 'em. What can I do for you? Just shut up and get in the fuckin' car!


Reconstruction idea take the ultimate trip yea ultimate trip assasination-invasion a criminal masterpiece hang on the walls like a gold on the moon. Thunderbolt fist, rocket feet a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, cry and you cry alone. Love as th ey please in Hitler's brain. T-bird bitch'n the bad girl. Sweet savage a swing'n baby. But you can ride ride ride the wild surf. Quicksand hand racing fever a lot of speed can really move ya. Hey, did I fuck'n win! I'm a real pyro-man. Riot and shoc k. Return and burn. Pretty poison just sit bizarre. Playing it. Play'n it. Play it cool.

Diamond Ass

Asylum erotica. Yea I said the ones on the wheels. Doomsday machinist. Flying out the window. She's looking strange. Nowhere to nowhere diamonds she's got what it takes diamonds forever. You'd be surprised. Come on baby get it in gear. Stone-face a nd rawmeat. Nowhere to nowhere diamonds. Projected from above. A dead astronaunt returns. Buried in 69. Brain is all crystalized more horrible than before, parasite sucking style. Hey, yea man it's out of sight. Anti-christ service. Hey, yea man i t's out of sight.

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