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Sat 25th August 95, 80'000 persons 26£
There is a bootleg of this event : ASTRO JUNKIES
  1. C.O.C.
  2. Warior soul
  3. Machine Head
  4. White Zombie 1:35pm -> 2:10pm
  5. Slash's snake pit
  6. slayer
  7. Skid row
  8. Therapy
  9. Metallica (played unreleased songs)

and the Reading Festival : Only one day after...



Zombie played a killer show last night, Friday, in Houston. The pit was pretty damn decent and the stage setup was the best ever. This is my 5th Zombie concert and they rocked hard as ever. More lights, more stage props, more explosions, even one that showers the crowd in paper shreds. Oh, and not to mention 2 video screens instead of one and *new* movie clips. One of them I cannot mention here cuz I dont want to spoil it for those of you that havent seen it yet. All I'll say is its from some japanese movie and has this topless chick wearing a red mask and cape and kicking ass. You will never forget it as long as you live once you see it. It is so damned hilarious.

I arrived at the show an hour late, but I wasnt too keen on seeing EyeHateGod. Pantera is ok or whatever, but I coulda missed them and not felt bad (seen em twice already). Anyway, got there and waited around for Pantera to start but the next thing I know the lights drop and the intro to Electrichead Pt1 starts playing. Then theres some static and then the stage lights up in explosions and they Sean and J and Rob pop out and tear into "I, Zombie".

Like I said, they played a great show, alot better than I expected after having been on the road all over the world since early last year. Rob commented on this saying they had already been around the world twice and were gonna stop but they said fukkit and decided to do a summer tour.

As for the setlist, they played most everything off AstroCreep, even El Phantasmo, which kicks ass live, but the only thing they played off La Sexorcisto was Thunderkiss. I kinda missed hearing Black Sunshine. They did play the new song from the Escape from LA soundtrack, called "The One." Starts off with an electro sound but jumps into some hard ass guitars and Rob puts on a good vocal effort. I think its one of their best songs not on an album since "Feed the Gods."

Rob also talked about the album of Astrocreep remixes coming out in early August. The appearance has this hot woman all dressed up in a sequined bathing suit. Theyre already selling shirts to go along with it.

Speaking of shirts and stuff, I saw like 4 new shirts and a new cap. There was even this special shirt thats small as hell, like only a kid or maybe a petite girl could wear. Another of the shirts had a funny caption on the back, "I went to hell and all I got was this crummy t-shirt"

As for the show, I was kinda pissed that White Zombie opened for Pantera. Pantera has been popular just a little bit longer than White Zombie, but most of the people at this show were wearing Zombie shirts. Not to mention the show was billed as White Zombie *with* Pantera, as in Pantera was a side attraction. Between sets I walked around the promenade and some of the people just arriving were hearing theyd already missed White Zombie and boy were they pissed. Its a good thing I came early cuz if I'd come late just to see Zombie and missed it, I woulda gone fukkn bezerk. I know Pantera is from Texas and all, but I think White Zombie is bigger...

From: Mike Kinkopf (kink(a)netdoor.com)
I was at the show in Houston also...nothing but ass-kicking. Right down in front of me...four people from one of the local churches protesting the show were passing out little books called something like "How to find Hope and Glory." It was pretty damn stupid, but it was funny when someone from the top rafters threw a beer down and it managed to hit the guy in the 3 piece suit right in the head. What more can I say about the show... its all been said... except that eye hate god sucks. By the way that they sounded...I think that God Hates Them Too! They have no talent. Anyway...did I hear right... did Rob say that this was going to be the last tour? Hope Not...later

[from the WZ mailing list 16 Feb 1996 ]
"Mike Kinkopf" kink@netdoor.com
First of all, they had a new band open up for them before Filter Came on. Some band called Wicker Man. Every member sounded like they were playing different songs. They really sucked.
Then came Filter. They were nothing but awesome. They must have played about 7 or 8 songs, a pretty good bit for an opening band, plus they had just an awesome light show.
Then came the bad asses, Zombie. Rob said that he was sick, but he didn't back out of the show, he just kept on rocking. One dissapointment though...during Real Solution #9 it looked as if Rob was lip syncing the lyrics instead of actually singing them, it sounded just like the album (kinda hard to do in concert).
Anyway, the show was awesome. The drummer was set up in a type of graveyard, and fog was every where throughout the stadium. They had a big movie screen behing the band and showed clips of old science fiction movies and japanese animations throughout the whole show. One of my favorites was during Electric Head pt. 2, they had showed clips of charles manson, and had quotes from him in the background.. "Who are you calling crazy? I'm not crazy, your the one whose crazy."
But the highlight of the night had to be the encore. The entire stadium went black and they showed about a five minute news clip from the station in tennessee where they were protested. The clip talked about how satanic that Zombie was and was just bashing zombie, right after the clip went off, the screen was raised off the stage and three clowns being crucified on crosses were lowered over the band and a big demon head rose over the graveyard where the drums were, and zombie played three more songs, closing with Blood Milk and Sky.
Couple more things, during Thunder Kiss, the entire floor, not just the first couple rows, but the entire damn floor was a mosh pit. I really want to get out and see them again, it was definitely the best show I have ever seen.



Bands who toured w/ WZ : Anthrax, Pantera, Skid Row, Danzig, Ramones, The Cramps, Filter, Eye hate God, Wicker Man, Flip, Korn

Just an Idea : Will GWAR tour with WZ Anytime ??? :-)

$ Spent on The Astrocreep Tour They Spent $20,000 a night on The Astrocreep Tour on pyrotechnics, stage sets, transportation, etc.... Rob is creating the stage himself with the help of Hellraiser IVís set designer

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