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2005 : Ozzfest http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000B8GTCO/rzr/#
2002 July / Sept : Ozzfest 2002
2001 : Black xmass tour
1999 : Ozzfest
1998 : Europe
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CONFIRMED LINE UP For Ozzfest: Main Stage : OZZY OSBOURNE System of a Down Rob Zombie P.O.D. Drowning Pool Adema Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society

Second Stage Down (headliner) Hatebreed (second headliner) Meshuggah Apex Theory Lostprophets Pulse Ultra Neurotica

Third Stage (first half) Flaw 3rd Stage Otep Seether Ill Nino Andrew W.K.

Third Stage (second half) Mushroomhead SoiL Chevelle Glassjaw The Used Switched

dates : July 2002 / Sept 2002 (see below)

2002-07-?? ozzfest - july - 2002 - holmdel - new jersey - the first day

In the ozzfest, i get the RZ autoghraph in the sinister cd, and this time i showed my tattoo of la sexorsisto, but in the time he was playing in the stage - i'm was in the first chair in front of the stage - rob, many time down to the chair, and he was im my face......i take many pics from this, so, in the time he play thunder kiss he say: - i'm want some girls to stay in the stage......and my girlfriend up here........look, in the stage are only girls, .so, i 'm was in the first chair, rob see me and say in the mic: "you guy from brazil - and i up in the stage - was i and many girls in the stage - TO CONCLUDE: I SUNG WITH THE ROB THUNDER KISS IN THE OZZFEST SATGE - - do you beliEve? i can die!!!
-- grind666@br http://www.oponente.hpg.com.br/
you're a legend !

2002-04-05 - Chicago, IL - Aragon Ballroom

At the Aragon Ballroom outside of Chicago, Rob stomped his way across the grave of White Zombie with hard-nailing performances of "More Human Than Human", "Blood Milk & Sky", and "1965", as well as several of his Hellbilly Deluxe anthems, with the inevitable songs from his latest album, "The Sinister Urge". Rob Zombie ruled the stage and changed many lives tonight.

Sinisstar performed a brief but awesome set of songs to open for Rob. hey were filming live footage for their forthcoming video and got a great close-up of myself head-banging ? so close I hit the camera-man with my hair ? thus molding me into a huge fan who is off to pre-order their album ASAP.

Rob opened with a huge set that rocked on until shortly after 10pm. Yes, only ten at night. The show started at 7:30 and, after Sinisstar jammed off and a short delay while a broken stage light was replaced, Zombie stomped into our minds around 8:15. His stageshow is awesome and beautiful. The Centerpiece is a huge head of Satan that opens to reveal Rob in front of his trademark Route 666 logo. Later on, in the footage from Rob's forthcoming movie, "House of 1000 Corpses", I glimpsed a similar head of Satan in the film footage.

"House of 1000 Corpses" will be out for Halloween 2002, according to Rob's announcement tonight. From the footage I saw, it is going to be freaky and cool (and terrifyingly great). Any fan of horror and especially any Rob Zombie fan must go see the movie when it is released.

Throughout the show, Kitty Moon came on the stage in different outfits to dance with the music. This woman is a goddess with moves to make every man cry. She is the beuty glimpsed in the "Superbeast" remix video as well as the cover of "American Made Music To Strip By" among other places. She is the obvious inspiration for so many of Rob's mood swings and wonderful songs. Many times in the middle of a song, Rob stopped stomping to look at her, honoring her with open arms while facing her dance-platform. I almost had the sensation that Rob would "pop the question" to her on the spot, the chemistry was so pure. When she came out for one of the performances with a spotlight to shine on the audience, Rob danced around her several times almost giddily.

A couple of times tonight, Rob was singing and disappeared behind stage. No one knew where he was, with Blasko, Riggs, and Tempesta playing on and Rob's voice shouting out.
Then before we knew it, Rob was on the dance floor with the security men getting close to the audience.
Having gotten to the Aragon early, I happened to be in the front row facing the stage and as soon as I saw Rob down in the pit with us, time slowed.
He chanted and roared and worked his way towards my side of the audience.
Many fans were grabbing out at him and he backed away casually and very cool.
Security pushed everyone's hands back and kept Rob at a distance, but Rob was not going for that.

At this point time was moving fast and slow at the same time as Rob looked my way, saw me banging my head, long hair lashing out at the security, my hand extended toward him, palm up.
He came to me and took my hand. It was such a brief contact, more of a ?gimme five?, but he held on to my hand for what seemed an eternity, almost shaking hands. He looked me in the eye and winked.
In a rush, everything sped up and Rob was gone back to the stage.
I was in awe, like a man touching the hand of a god. To come into contact with an idol is mind-blowing and breathtaking. I may be making more of this than it is and I am sure Rob sees millions of fans every show, but, for me it was such a great experience that I feel so good, I feel so numb. Yeah.

Overall, this was the best Rock Concert I have ever been to. The band ?The Damned? apparently dropped out of the tour. I have heard rumors that they were booed off the stage a couple of times and, after downloading some of their songs in MP3 format, I can see why.
A early 80's punk band has very little appeal to the hardcore Rob Zombie fanatic.
However, Sinisstar did a great job. They rocked hard and swayed and strutted and vogued for the video cameras and sang an extra song they apparently were told not to perform for some reason or other.
Thus Sinisstar has earned a fan in me. Rob held my hand for a brief moment of time and I became something more. Wow.

To those critics out there, especially those thinking, ?get a life?, I have a life and I take pleasure in rejoicing in what little opportunities my existence on this realm provides me.
I simply had a wildest dream come true tonight.
And it was the best night of my life so far.
-- http://profiles.yahoo.com/xoandre.geo


The opening band was Sinistar; they rocked...I would recommend their CD to people.
Rob Zombie came on stage about 8:30...and all hell broke loose. He was greeted with a standing, stomping, screaming, fist in the air ovation. He did about half the songs off Hellbilly Deluxe...started with Superbeast, did Dead Girl Superstar and Living Dead Girl back to back. The only White Zombie song he did was Thunderkiss 65- with the audience shouting out the words along with Rob. All the songs totally kicked ass, and the audience was totally wild the entire time.
The stage was small, so the show was scaled down. There was the neon 666 behind Rob, monster heads, the grim reaper, and a couple of others, as well as film for most songs. There was also a 5 minute preview of Rob's movie, played during House of 1000 Corpses. It was so awesome! Rob was his usual self....hyper and wild; the audience appreciated this and responded.
Rob ended the show with a hellacious rendition of Dragula, complete with film clips from the Munsters.
For anyone interested, a crew from Metal Edge magazine ( http://www.mtledge.com/ ) was present; the concert and Rob will be in an article in a near future issue.
Unfortunately, they didn't allow cameras inside they searched us before they let us in, ....i guess part of it is because of sept 11th or bizness

-- http://profiles.yahoo.com/tdaniels43


There was a sign that read : "due to unforseen circumstances, the Damned will not be playing." http://profiles.yahoo.com/robzombieslivindeadgurl

2002-03-12 - MESA, (Phoenix) AZ - MESA AMPHITHEATRE

8000 people at outdoor ampitheater temperture 80degees wind still. I was going to work security at the Rob Zombie Concert..but I decided to just watch instead. Rob played for 1 hour and 30 min and played 15 to 16 songs.
It was an all-Ages show. The Stage had 8 pyrotechic flame throwers. 8 macro puppets. 2 Spot lights. 2 large 15'x 10 foot screens. 2 dancing blondes (From the videos Feel so numb, and never ganna stop).
I started off about 40 yards away and I could still feel the heat everytime the lit off the pyro flameballs. Everywhere I stood there was someone smoking a joint nearby.
You know what that empty spot is behind the front stage crowd is...its Called "THE MOSH PIT". I didnt know what the empty spot was so I moved up to 30 meters from the stage right in the middle just as the song started the mosh it was fun, I guess im a Moosh pit sort of guy. I was a bit to "comfortable" before that. It wasnt just big guys moshing .. everybody was even small chicks.
A girl wanted to jump on my shoulders so she could flash the band so I put her on my sholders then let her down when the next song started and another mosh started. I moved up closer to the 10 feet from the stage there was a nine year old kid up there also and I was throwing blocks for him to keep him from being moshed or smushed.
It was funny because I was the only one in the crowd that wasnt sweating, everyone else was drenched.
Rob Zombie a 3 song encore even though (in my opinion) the Phoenix crowd didnt earn it. I didnt shout ..but if I wanted to I could have shouted entire sentences and Rob could have heard them clearly.
It was an all ages show but they sold alchohol, used fowl language and showed topless women on the to big viewing screens that had on stage.
The Stage crew was fast. When the concert was over they had finished packing up most of the gear before I had even left the venue
-- http://profiles.yahoo.com/cobaltduck

2002-??-?? OZZFEST

Ok I'm back from Ozzfest and it was FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not gonna go into detail about all the bands on second stage cause I have to tell you about my Rob Zombie experience! He is the most fucking awesome guy ever!!! Ok first me, my brother, and our friend Misty all bought Zombies new cd for $20 at Ozzfest(even though we all already had it) so we could get a bracelet thingy that lets you get into the Zombie signing at 4:15. So around 4:15 we get in line(and holy shit it was a long ass line!!! Probably over 300 people! Good thing we lined up early, we where between 100-150)finally after waiting in line for about 20 minutes Rob Zombie comes. Everybody cheers. Finally when it's our turn Misty goes first and has him sign her picture she made of him(it was really good!), and then her tatoo of a demon head flaming with a flag(it's one of Zombies drawings). He signed inside the flag and he loved both her drawing and her tatoo (she has a tatoo gun at home so she was gonna tatoo his autograph). Then I went said hi and first handed him the cd booklet for The Sinister Urge and then I asked him if he minded signing all my other Rob Zombie cd booklets and he said nah. So after he signed them all I remember someone got to take a picture with him, so I yell to Misty asking her if she wanted to take a picture with Zombie cause I had a camera so me and her take a picture with him!!! *faints* and then my brother goes up and tells him he loves his work and Rob says thanks and then my brother gets a picture with him too(he got only his cd booklet signed). As you leave the booth thingy the helper people where handing out posters advertising his movie! YAY!!! :)

Ok now the really bad-ass stuff! My friend Gina who went with us had got 2 tickets for row 102! That's hella fucking close! The band is like between 30 and 50 feet away! So I meet her there during the middle of Adema(YUCK!). After Adema, it was P.O.D. I think? And then after them it was ZOMBIE!!! So right after P.O.D. leaves the stage I get all hyper active and shit cause Zombie is coming!!! They start setting up the stage for him and they bring out 4 huge ass posters with the faces of Frankenstein, Dr. Jekle/Mr. Hyde, The Wolf Man, and The Phantom of the Opera(all where from 30's horror films)I freak as soon as they put those up. Then about 10 minutes later the very first track off of The Sinister Urge starts to play and I jump my ass up and yell at the top of my lungs "Zombie motherfucker!!!" then the band comes out to play my fav song off the new album "Demon Speeding" Blasko(the bassist) runs out and without stopping falls head first off the stage! He was ok and got right back up and acted like it never happened, LMAO!!! Well anyways I really love the song so I freak and start going nuts. I was jumping bashing my head and yelling. My friend said I had as much energy as Rob Zombie, lol. I yelled every word to all the songs they played. Ok to the funniest shit I had ever seen in so many years, there was this young couple(I think they where around 25? maybe older) in the very front row and they where sitting down through Zombie and Zombie got pissed cause as he was saying there is always a really true die-hard Zombie fan who is hiding in the back that wants to be closer. So he starts talking to the couple about how stupid they are and that they are probably the same fucking people who leave during Crazy Train so they can get out of the parking lot without having trouble. And that they probably listened to hippie faggot shit, LOL!!! He kept on embarrasing them and the whole crowd cheered him on and booed at the couple. So he plays some more songs and he ran through the crowd and found a huge Zombie fan in the grass. So he pulled him down and brought him onstage and did a little speach about how this guy was a REAL fan cause he had a really old White Zombie shirt on and he knew all the words. So he puts him right in the front row where he belonged. And then for one song he had the camera show the stupid couple on the big screen through that whole song. And then Riggs brought out his blood filled guitar and during the end of another song he poured some of the blood into his mouth and spit it all over the stupid couple and they hella freaked and tried to get the security guard to do something and they wouldn't, LMAO!!!!! So they stood up and flicked off Rob Zombie and where yelling some shit at him and Riggs and I guess they said something that Riggs didn't like so he tried to jump down and kick their ass but all the guards came and grabbed him back and Rob and Blasko ran over and Tempesta(the drummer)jumped down from his drum-set to see what the hell was going on and both Blasko and Tempesta where laughing their ass off while Zombie was making fun of the stupid couple and Riggs was trying to kill them, LMFAO!!!. After about 2 minutes of fighting they leave all hella pissed and shit with blood all over them. And everybody cheered hella loud. God that was the craziest and most fun I ever had at a concert! If you haven't been to Ozzfest you BETTER GO! Funny shit like this doesn't happen at normal concerts! -- devil_doll_13



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