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  1. Sinners Inc. [1:17]
  2. Demon Speeding [3;44]
  3. Dead Girl Superstar [2:28]
  4. Never Gonna Stop (the red, red kroovy) [3:09]
  5. Iron Head [4:11]
  6. (go to) California [3:24]
  7. Feel So Numb [3:53]
  8. Transylvanian Transmissions Pt. 1 [1:09]
  9. Bring Her Down (to Crippletown) [3:59]
  10. Scum Of The Earth [2:55]
  11. House Of 1000 Corpses [9:26]
    Hidden Track : UnHoly Three (Do u have info on the short song after H1KC)


Buy it online @ http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005Q6IJ/rzr , http://www.cdnow.com/pagename=/RP/CDN/FIND/album.html/itemid=800845/from=sr-186972-1/

Release date : Nov 13, 2001 (announced in mid Sept 2001)

According to Zombie, the album, produced by Scott Humphrey and featuring a guest appearance by Kerry King of Slayer, "has a much more live, raw sound [than Hellbilly Deluxe]. It sounds a lot more fluid."

A US tour set to begin around Halloween time and will be his "largest stage show ever" according to Rob Zombie's website.

Rob zombie strikes again w/ his 2d opus of his solo carrier. This 11 tracks album (8 songs and 2 interludes) balances beetween 'tought metal heavy beat' songs (such as MI2's 'Scum Of The Earth' ) and 'jazzy funky ochestral rock' (such as go to California , Demon Speeding).
The album is full of experimentations with the additional contributions of members of the hiphop/metal scene.
Keep in mind that TSU is NOT a White Zombie album but a Rob Zombie one.
Definitively ... open your grave, open your mind, open your ear for 'the sinister urge'.

ROB ZOMBIE's "The Sinister Urge" has been certified platinum for sales in excess of one million copies since it came out in November 2001 by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

Did you know that THE SINISTER URGE is also a film from ED WOOD off 1961 ? http://us.imdb.com/Title?0055452
I know that RZ is under influence of those cult movies such as Ed wood's : Plan 9 from Outer Space
Buy it online @ http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/6305760403/rzr/
...and I am looking for the script of this movie (subtile)

Here are the songs that came on the bonus CD (for the lucky ones)

  1. Adema - the way you like it
  2. Static-x - black & white
  3. Dope - stop
  4. Soil - halo
  5. Dry Kill Logic - rot
  6. Mushroomhead - solitaire/unraveling
  7. Otep - T.R.I.C.
  8. Steromud - steppin away
  9. Cypress Hill - trouble
  10. Flaw - payback
  11. Sinisstar - white noise
  12. Impur - body crumblez
  13. Lostprophets - shinobi vs. dragon ninja
  14. Slayer - god send death
  15. Mesh - maybe tomorrow
  16. Cinder - soul creation (demo)



Music By - Rob Zombie Scott Humphrey Except - Iron Head By - Zombie Riggs Humphrey

Lyrics By - Rob Zombie

Additional Credits: Management - Andy Gould A&R - Jordan Schur Booking - John Dittmar for Pinnacle Ent. Legal Affairs - Jeffrey Light Business Affairs -Scott Adair Tour Management - Ted Keedick Monster Maker - Wayne Toth @ Ex Mortis 666 Girl - Sheri Moon Package Design - Rob Zombie Art Direction - Rob Zombie Nika/Lucky Ninja House of Graphics Photos - Marina Chavez Sunshine Campbell Rob Zombie


Thanks to these people for being extra fucking cool - Ozzy & Sharon Ozbourne Tommy Lee and Kerry King

And finally thanks to - Mom & Dad, Spider, The 1000 Corpses Crew, Alice Cooper, Howard Stern, Johnny Ramone, Sara Karloff [ is she from the actor (borris) familly, movie, The Mummy ? , http://www.karloff.com/
] Ron Chaney (actor?), Dwight Frye Jr. (actor?), and Basil Gogos ( http://www.basilgogos.com/

For Sheri and All the Kids @ Zombie HQ (Spooky, Lily, Boris, Frankenstein and Dracula)



7' vinyl (Cover : 666 kitty moon , 1000 Limited edition )
  1. Demonspeeding
  2. house of the 1000 corpse
There is allready some promotional singles
  1. Dead Girl Superstar
  2. Feel So Numb
  1. Dead Girl Superstar" (2:26)
  1. "Feel So Numb" (3:36)
And a Digipack/EP w/ pictures of HOF1KC


CD booklet : Cover front Midle pages (band) Inlay CD Inlay + cd Back

All of the following symbols were taken from the chapter of the Necronomicon labeled: "The Book of 50 Names" which has a preface comment of "The Book of the Fifty names of MARDUK, defeater of the Ancient Ones". -- Thanx to Lovecraft13


Get them there : http://rzr.online.fr/rd-id/42




Never Gonna Stop "the Red red Kroovy" The song based on Clockwork Orange movie and the 'red red kroovy' is words of Alex slang means 'Red red blood' ("kroovy", correctly "krov'" means "blood" on Russian ) -- gebophil

For the 6th time in his career Rob Zombie has been nominated for a Grammy Award. This time the song "Never Gonna Stop (the red,red kroovy)" is up for Best Metal Performance. This marks the 3rd time Zombie has been nominates as a solo artist, he was nominated 3 times as well with his previous band White Zombie. The Grammys will air on Feb. 23rd


This track is rob's favorite, and it has been remixed for the WWF (The Edge Theme)

Edge Appeared at one of Zombie's concerts around the albums release and sang Never Gonna Stop with him. Edge is clearly a Zombie fan, as most of us see. More recently Edge has had a neck injury, and I guess we won't be hearing Never Gonna Stop bursting in the arena and we wish him a get well. Guitar tab


Intro sample : "Prometo solemnemente defender el bien y luchar contra la injusticia y la maldad" Translation from spannish to english : "I solomnly promise to defend good and fight againts injustice!"
It ... might came from a mexican horror movie.

Guitar tab


This western like song is about the Rob Zombie movie of the same name : house of the 1000 corpses Guitar tab


It is untitled but refered as "The Unholy Three" and May be excrapt from his film : House of the 1000 corpses :

[man's voice] "the effect is that he is beating at least 10 minutes faster now"
"were gonna need stronger doses more frequently"
"you konw humans are more sexual than animals, you know it"
[woman's voice] "that's all you think about, it's me who gives you all the sex you want, Oh please!"
[RZ sings] unholy just like you yea unholy just like me me unholy just like you yea unholy three [RZ stops singing]
[man's voice1] "you do not reallize what here, in our very hands we have the cosmic force of creation itself, in our very hands we can shape life, take it apart, put it together again, and mold it like putty"
[man's voice2] "what you are doing is mad, it is diabolic"
[RZ sings] unholy just like you yea unholy just like me me unholy just like you yea unholy three [RZ stops singing]



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