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Rock City Morgue started 2003 European tour in Belgium and will tour for a couple a month in Holland, France, Spain ... The 2d France Show was in Rennes at a famous punk rock club : "Mondo Bizarro" (Special Thank goes to Bruno ) well, enough said :

"Never tell lies" was used as an intro ... and everyone picked there surgery tools ... plugged on power and it started real raw with "No Complaints" and there last LP hit "Disconnected". Then "Teenage kicks", a tribute song to the Undertones, then it was nice to hear nothing but Sean hitting her coffin bass on "Falling Apart" intro .
Their set is balanced between heavy songs and more emotional songs like "I did it for you" a efficient love song or those where Sean dropped her bass for playing at the Piano in , "Don't leave me haunted", Album eponym "Dead Man's Song" ...
Johnny's guitar playing style is pretty energetic with a SG and Marshall combo alterning rhythm paths and solos riffs with Wahwah along such as in "Trouble" or one his composition "Waste Away".
Frontman of NYC band "Man Scouts of America" Rick Slave was pretty hilarious while dancing like a ... "electrified leaving dead on Prozac"... on "Get out of my house".
Once "Darkness has fallen", Ramones spirits haunted mondo bizarro, when they covered "Airwaves" ... the crowd needed to be calmed down with "Time and a place" and "Hearts". To make sure that there was no soul alive anymore they did the final cuts with "BeWare" their opening title of previous and 1st EP and it finally ended with "Neverending"... with those voodoo drums by Keith Hajjar that were still sounding in my head the upcoming days.

Ok it's done, My Ears (and brains) did really need to be washed with a pure punk and roll show.


After the gig, I managed to talk with all the RCM members, they are nice people ...
I wanted to make a proper interview, but unfortunately I did not have a recorder ... so I will try to translate my memories ... (BTW if you have more questions they`ll be answered some day).

I did not want to ask Sean questions about movies, influences and others that have been asked time and time again( like by myself in a previous interview presenting RCM in 2002, see: http://rzr.online.fr/docs/zombie/rcm.htm )

I focused on the fact that she is back on the independent scene, and how this would be different, she agreed that the music industry and mass media are revolting these days, same about the way her country is going, she confessed that she hoped for some changes and that has not yet happened(see lyrics for Disconnected).
I have nothing to say about it else than "when governments are rude, rock and roll is good" but at the same time a international free counter culture is growing up on the Internet.

Talking about that, these days everyone have something to say on illegal file sharing, but we rarely hear artists talking about their position.
Sean was annoyed to find a clear position on this, on the good side, she think that art should be free but on the other side they need to get some income to make more art ... the world is not all black nor all white ...
I said that today I refuse to buy any cd anymore in big record stores ... since 95% of the price of a cd goes into mass marketing and stuff that is not even involved with music itself ... BUT I keep my budget dedicated to cultural products and I try to reward artists for their work by going to concerts, buying merchandise and by ordering stuff directly from their own websites(RCM used to sell E.P. with online paying).
She seemed pleased to hear this, and she confessed that she is doing the same.

I talked about "copyleft" attitudes, she was not really informed to what I was talking about ... since some of their songs are freely available on their own website ...
I suggested, instead of just putting some songs on their website, to join the movement and assign those licences to the mp3 files.
This website explain those concepts better than I can do : http://creativecommons.org/audio/
Okay this legal stuff was annoying, let's get back to our guests,

Sean told me she loves to travel in Europe and Japan too, and promoted New Orleans as her favorite city in the USA (then NYC), she may be right because J moved to N.O.L.A. to produce "Dead Man's Song".
Johnny (who is friend with every one from Tempesta to J to Deadbolt and more famous bands) was happy to know that I put a RCM section on my Zombie site.
Keith told that they may be back in Europe for Summer.

-- RzR signing off 2005-02-01 (more to comes in the upcoming days .. come back)



Listen to RCM'mp3 published freely on their own website : http://www.rockcitymorgue.com


  1. Beware
  2. Cut You loose
  3. Get Out Of My House
  4. Falling Apart
  5. Guilt Trip
  6. Shattered
Engineers Treena Shoemaker (queens of the stoneage, Cheryl Crow...) and Goat are behind the controls and working closely with Daniel Rey (WZ : Soul Crusher) Purchase their Music :
CD : http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000CD5GR/rzr/#

fr/ CD : http://www.amazon.fr/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000CD5GR/rzr-21/#

fr / Vinyl : http://www.amazon.fr/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0002NE8RQ/rzr-21/#


  1. Disconnected
  2. No Complaints
  3. I did it for Tou
  4. Dead man's Song
  5. Don't leave me Haunted
  6. Never Ending
  7. Darkness Has Fallen
  8. Hearts
  9. Trouble
  10. People Are Wrong
  11. Waste Away
  12. A Time and A place
  13. Never tell Lies
Recorded on October 2004

Credits :

Album dedicated to Kelly Keller and Diamond Darrell...

Listen to one of their song

To listen to songs from the new album go to: http://www.nocturnal-records.com

Order CD at : http://www.balanceonline.com/store/product_view.php?prodID=20050124120207



Rock City Morgue will be playing NYC 7/20/2002 @ the Knitting Factory w/Supagroup...


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