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J. was born "Jay Noel Yuenger" in Chicago, Illinois. Since He joined White Zombie band, the band started to explose.
His style is typical, heavy synch rhythm, minimalist lead but special sound that get along so good with Zombie




To whom it may concern : J. owns "at least" the following gear :

J. uses a combination of randall heads and the marshall valvestate head(8100) thru a randall cabinet.
He uses a mesa boogie amp splitter which has 4 outputs so ce can use them all at once.
The randalls amps are the same as dimebag darrell of pantera uses. they're called century 200's. he also uses a roland double beat fuzz wah pedal , a pro-co rat and a mxr distortion pedal, all hooked up at once.
He plays Ibanez iceman guitars, (sorry, I was the one who thought he used fernandes, but that's because the fernandes sustainer is standard on fernandes guitars, I know cuz I almost bought one) his randalls are solid state, if you are not familiar with them.
The ICJ100WZ, co-designed by J. of White Zombie, has the distinction of being the only Iceman model guitar to ever feature Lo-Pro Edge Tremolo. This mahogany body, maple top, set-in neck guitar features hi output pickups and a Galactic Green finish with J's own "Star Graphic" finish.
J. uses fernandes sustainers, which, for your viewing pleasure, I made VISIBLE.
I believe that is where whoever said it got the name fenandes.

He also use Korg effects : Toneworks G1 (Korg ad)


J. was born "Jay Noel Yuenger" in Chicago, Illinois, and his dad worked for the Chicago tribune until he passed away a some years ago. has a girlfriend, lives in Sherman Oaks,Ca, he drives a 1967 blue mustang ... but who cares ?

How did Rob Meet J? Rob was shopping for comics one day in New York, and was complaining that their lead guitarist quit, and it just so happens that the proprietor of that shop, recommended J. to Rob.
When J. was initially trying to get into the band, he was trying for posistion as second guitarist. He did so well though that they got rid of Tom Guay and replaced him with J. as first.
J. tried out for White Zombie, and the rest is history.

He wrote a few columns for Guitar World magazine : http://www.guitarworld.com/0100/framesets/lessons.html

J. was a bike messenger and delivered pizza's by bicycle. (BTW, during this time he had a gun put to his head twice!).

Jay is a big collector of shriner's fez' and owns a Victorian mansion in LA.



  1. Give It All You Got
  2. Drew
  3. Way Down
  4. Chance
  5. The Ride
  6. Beer & A Girl
  7. Deathwish
  8. Mudflap Mama
  9. Open Fire
  10. Shoulda Stay'd At Home
  11. Here I Am
Credits :

Kick-Happy... was produced by Jay O'Rourke and was released in 1991 on Noise International. It was recorded at Royal Recorders and mixed at Chicago Trax Recorders.
They were one of the first underage punk bands in Chicago, and they wanted to add a second guitarist. The other guitarist was Jay Yuenger http://www.hia.net/bcd/TFArota.htm

Reflex 20 (Reflex, December 1991)

  1. She's a Politician - by: Soundgarden
  2. Christmas with the Devil - by: Rights of the Accused
Notes: Free double sided 7" flexi-disc with US Reflex magazine: Reflex, P O Box 544, Mt. Morris, Illinois 61054

As a side note I have a SG shirt with a green monster that rob could have done :) --RzR



, Also J. did production for them http://www.fu-manchu.com/
Fu Manchu : Action Is Go (1997)
LABEL : Mammoth PLAYERS: Scott Hill: vocals, guitar/ Brad Davis: bass, theremin/ Brant Bjork: drums/ Bob Balch: guitar/
J. Yuenger: organ, keyboards, Moog Synthesizer, Producer, Drums (Electric)
PRODUCER: J. Yuenger (as on X-Games, Vol. 3 (1998) )

Bass player Brad Davis Interviewed by Dave Vickers ( part of bracku.ca )

DV: Tell me a bit about your new album. I was wondering why you chose J. Yuenger from White Zombie as a producer.
BD: We'd known him for a while, ‘cuz when Brant was is Kyuss, they'd toured with White Zombie… we thought because we'd pretty much produced everything but the first album, (Brant produced that, before he was in the band), and we'd never really worked with a producer, we thought we might want to try it… just get another person in there who's a little more organized. We just had him come to a practice and check it out. We did a ‘trial' kind of run: went into the studio and recorded "Unknown World" and did a cover of "Jailbreak" from Thin Lizzy, just to kind of check it out. "Unknown World" made it on the album and we're putting "Jailbreak" out on ... there's a label called Sessions. We're putting a 7'' of it out.

DV: I noticed you have the picture of [skateboarding legend] Tony Alva on the new album cover ...
BD: …We were able to [acquire] that, Glen E. Friedman photo… [Glen] and J. from White Zombie, they were acquaintances and [J.] was able to call him and ask if he had any photos, and we got real lucky on that one… When we saw it we were like, “Whoa… get that picture!”… it definitely kind of fits the tone of the album.




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