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I'm sure it will always turn into a Texas Chainsaw situation!

RzR : Hello Sean, Here is the webmaster of one of the first White Zombie fansite ( http://rzr.online.fr/zombie.htm since 1995) so here we go : Can you explain the contruction of the Morgue at Rock City (wherever it is) ?
Sean : The Morgue is, of course, in New Orleans, and is constructed of only the finest materials- marble, crystal, and human bones. It's suitable and decadent enough for all rockers, dead and undead.

RzR : Let me tell you that I find cool to use your website to sell your music, I hope it will works good enough to keep this direction, Are you a familiar with computers and Internet ?
Sean : Familiar at best! I'm more on the caveman level when it comes to computers, but I do some graphic design work on it and I do try to keep up with our website...It's actually Johnny, our guitarist who does most of the computer stuff!

RzR : About RCM, I noticed that you worked with the guy that produced the God of Thunder Single, which had the best sound of all old WZ release.
Sean : Yes, Daniel Rey is a good friend- he also wrote and produced alot of stuff for the Ramones.

RzR : Is devil doll dead ? Rumors said that and her corpse moved to the morgue ? Can we expect any Famous Monsters song again ?
Sean : Devil Doll is among the undead so she cannot die, much like the members of the Morgue. You never know when Devil Doll will get inspired by a certain cocktail or monster movie and whip up some more tunes, so I cannot tell you what to expect! The Famous Monsters were flown to Japan just this past September, so go figure!

RzR : When you and rob were forming WZ, you dropped guitar for bass then in Famous Monsters bass for guitar and now in RCM guitar for bass, will you play then guitar and over again ?
Sean : I think I'll stick to bass for a while- Rhoades and Johnny are smoking guitarists!

RzR : What bands were you involved with beside WZ, FM and RCM ? I've heard you were playing bass into Zilch ? can you tell me more on that ?
Sean : Yes, I went last summer to tour with Zilch in Japan for 6 weeks; the whole thing was pretty rediculous! I was asked to do it before I got to hear the band, and had to fly to L.A. 2 days later for 5 days of rehearsals, then straight to Tokyo! I really just accepted the gig as a paid vacation to get to see Japan, which I've always been obsessed with, and I met some really great people.

RzR : As a French dude, I read into the local press that you have special feelings for Paris ... is that true or you said that just to please the interviewer .. hehe ?
Sean : C'est vrai! As you can tell by now I love to travel , and have studied French, Italian, and Japanese- but French I have studied for the longest (4 years), and of course LOVE Paris- who doesn't? I was there on vacation last January- I can't wait ot come back again, when it is a little warmer! I especially like the catacombs.

RzR : Do you follow what your workmates are doing nowadays ? for instance we didn't hear so much on J Yuenger since WZ split up?
Sean : J's doing really well- he's the only person I know who has a house creepier than mine! He has a huge Victorian, right in the heart of Los Angeles- the Morgue just flew out there last week for shows, and he had us over for dinner, with Lux and Ivy from the Cramps! He has been playing for the past year with the guys from the Obsessed (Greg, and Guy- who's French!), but they can't find a cool singer! They are writing some killer heavy stuff, though!

RzR : I will not ask you about reforming WZ, but and have we got any chance that a new WZ album come up (compilation of soundtracks songs, live, remixes, unreleased songs ...) ?
Sean : No, unfortunately, though I am always pushing for a rerelease of the early stuff, but Rob has been against it so far.

RzR : Was working with Charlie Clouser a revelation ? I meant, IMHO his work on re-mixes blown up metal cliches ?
Sean : I'm not big on remix and dance music- I don't really understand this question, but I have to agree with the phrase "blown up metal cliches"!

RzR : Also I was wondering what was the process of re-mixing a song, what were your contributions to that kind of WZ works ?
Sean : None- that was entirely left in the hands of Charlie, or whoever did that song.

RzR : Can u reveal the secret to get that weird bass sound at the beggining of "I'm Your boogieman" ?
Sean : Yeah- it's not the bass!

RzR : How did you met Iggy Pop and work with him ? (as a side note some members of the stooges will play their 1969 standards next month in my town)
Sean : Wow- You're lucky! Of course I feel extremely lucky to have met and gotten to work with Iggy; all we had to do was ask! We had heard he was a fan of our first l.p., "Soul- Crusher".

RzR : Some fans are focusing on the fact that you have been a model for nude pictures, how comes ? and is that something you are proud of ?
Sean : What?? I've never posed nude, ever! I did one photo shoot where I am covered up with an animal skull, but even then I was wearing clothes behind it!

RzR : Beside that stuff and music, were you involved in other "artistical" projects ? It seems that you have some skills in photography and designing (NYL) ?
Sean, : Yes, I went to Parsons School of Design in NYC and do graphics in my free time for bands and clubs, just for fun.

RzR : At the present time, You live in New Orleans (so do Reznor, Down members ?) ... I guess Halloween was terrific these, was it ?
Sean : Yeah, New Orleans is like Halloween all year round- that's probably why we all live here.

RzR : What music are you listening to nowadays ?
Sean : New stuff? I like Queens of the Stone Age, Black Heart Procession, Sahara Hotnights, Down, the Burning Brides, of course I keep up with any new Nick Cave, the Cramps... too much stuff to list!

RzR : And please give some books name (including cartoon) that a horror freak must have read ?
Sean : We Have Always Lived in the Castle(Shirley Jackson), of course the Shining , Dracula, all Edgar Allen Poe and I have to mention our local ladies of horror, Ann Rice and Poppy Z. Brite!

RzR : Who is your favorites actor/actress ?
Sean : Basil Rathbone and Rosalind Russell. Recent? Crispin Glover, Christopher Walken- I'm afraid I can't think of any ladies!

RzR : What scare you most ?
Sean : Nature- the countryside, late at night, dark and desolate- I'm sure it will always turn into a Texas Chainsaw situation!

RzR : Any funny, amazing stuff to add?
Sean : We just got back from L.A. and Ron Wood came to our show, with Slash and MatSorum! Afterwards we got to meet him and talk- that was amazing! Funny? The next night we saw Anna Nicole Smith at dinner! I don't know if she's known in France, but she is quite a sight in person!

RzR : Aligato Sean, and best wishes for you your morgue mates
Sean : Hope this works for you, and maybe one day we will get to come play there! Our publicists are working on some summer festivals, so who knows? thanks, -- sean


Here folows some fans questions (if you want to ask some too you're welcome in the group) :



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