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FOR ZOMBIELAND @ 2003-03-27

"I like perverting minds - everyone needs to see a little violence to remind them what happens if you're too careless."

RzR : Hello Wayne,
Here is RzR (webmaster of Zombieland : http://rzr.online.fr/zombie ).
So you are the one to blame for giving birth to the awful face and hazardous creatures of Mr Zombie's mind, Those funny creatures that share RZ's stage and video. But here we are talking out the makeup and monsters of house of 1000 corpses What was your personal investment in it?
WT: Rob always does the initial designs, I have some input as we go along as well, but things always wind up changing (for the better) by the time we finish.

RzR ; When working on the movie, did you realize that this experience was unique and suspect what was going to happen after finishing it? What was the general mood of the crew?

WT ; Everyone felt the movie was special, bringing back the old-school down and dirty horror movies of the 70's.

RzR : Do you think having so many troubles and finally winning over Hollywood business with House of 1000 Corpses could be a good step for independent marginal movies?
WT: It seems that independent movies are popular lately, I'm not sure that it relates to House.

RzR : I've been told that the Censors focus on what is shown or said, and not the general mood of the movie, is this an important factor when making movies?
WT: In the case of House, some of the problems censors had were actually with the mood and feel rather than outright gore. Call it the "disturbing" factor.

RzR : Rob Zombie may be one of your favorite customers, how did you met him?
WT: I met Rob many years ago through a friend.

RzR : How is working with Rob Zombie? He seems to be someone who learns from practicing, did he work like a normal movie director should do, or did he do it his own way?
WT: Rob has his own way of doing things, but it has more to do with the work that is going on rather than how it is being carried out.

RzR : Also how do such talented artists like you and Rob manage to work together, do you think you influence each other ? I suppose his sense of humour helped too?
WT: Anytime you have creative people working together they wind up influencing each other somewhat I suppose. I'd say Rob is an influence on me, his imagination is really out there. He's a really nice, funny guy. We always have a good time working together.

RzR : Talking, who are your favorite artists? I suppose H.R. Giger is placed high on your list?
WT: I have a lot of influences, Giger is definitely one.

RzR : Also are you using computers for visual effects? Tell me more about it please...
WT: I only use computers for certain design aspects, no 3D type of effects.

RzR : Where are Freak and its monster friends resting now ?
WT: Most of the ghouls wind up haunting Rob's house

RzR : Imagine you could get a time machine and go back in time, What old movie would you try to work in?
WT: I'm not sure, maybe Frankenstein

RzR : Talking about realities, not far from my city a family was found with a baby in a freezer and some bones in their garden? YES THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. So do you feel guilty of "perverting minds", or is horror something in the human mind? What do you have to say to conservative minds that want a nice clean world free of violence in entertainment?
WT: I like perverting minds - everyone needs to see a little violence to remind them what happens if you're too careless.

RzR : Enough with philosophy now! Can you tell us your best memories in the "House of 1000 Unlucky Ones"?
WT: Some of the best memories are from shooting at the universal backlot. i love it there, it's like a big fantasy-land with a bunch of childhood movie memories.

RzR : What were the major difficulties encountered with House of 1000 Corpses?
WT: There were no major difficulties shooting House, just trying to stay awake during night shoots sometimes...

RzR : And the usual ZombieLand question: What's scared you most in life??
WT: Old people driving badly

RzR: thanx again I really appreciate it !!!
WT : There you go, Thanks, Wayne


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