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Most of all those videos clips are directed by Rob Zombie himself (yeah DIY)



If someone has it ? please contact me
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It contains official video clips (for mtv) and a few clips from interviews promo live ... (75 Min, A-) btw i dont think it is avalaible in other form than VHS NTSC

The cover was later used for a T-Shirt.

  1. Thunder Kiss '65 - live from mtv haunted house party 10/31/93.
  2. (Interview)
  3. Black Sunshine
  4. Welcome To Planet Motherfucker (Video)
  5. (Interview)
  6. More Human Than Human - live from david letterman 7/14/95.
  7. Feed The Gods (Video)
  8. (Interview)
  9. Electric Head Pt. 2 (Video)
  10. Super-Charger Heaven - live from david letterman 12/15/95.
  11. (Interview)
  12. Black Sunshine (Video)
  13. Thunder Kiss '65 (Video)
  14. More Human Than Human - live mtv music awards 9/7/95.
  15. More Human Than Human (Video)
  16. Super-Charger Heaven (Video)
  17. (Interview) - a day in the life of white zombie.
  18. Nativity In Black (Black Sabbath Promo)
  19. Black Sunshine - mtv haunted house live.
  20. Black Sunshine (video)


Rob directed most of those videos, also did u know that Rob directed some Video for other bands, such as :


Surprised that MTV would even play something like that..it is awesome. Rob looks like Satan himself with those gloves and eyes and the X on the head...
It started out kinda weird with the goofy B&W Show, then just freaked out. And then there was Rob with those cool Freddy type gloves and the X in his head, and the dark makeup around his eyes, and it alsost looked like he had some weird contacts on that made it so that the part of your eye that is normally colored is turned to white (I know Marilyn Manson has some of these)
Then he was strapped in that chair with those rat's crawling on his head, It totally reminded me of Charles Manson. AHHH!!

Aren't those creepy actors members of the glastly ones ?
others says it is jim carrey ? [Can you confirm ? --RzR ]


It was full of scenes from the movie... (escape from LA)


Rob Zombie : Merry Mayhem Tour 20010111 Live_Albuquerque
  1. ? never gonna stop [ And I am looking for it -- RzR ]
  2. ? Feel So numb [ And I am looking for it -- RzR ]
  3. superbeast
  4. demon speeding
  5. Thunderkiss [ And I am looking for it -- RzR ]
  6. Dragula
  7. Interview


Official Home Videos: Nativity In Black - Electronic Press Kit [5 min, A]

TV shots : [ Contact me, if u have those --RzR ]




Date: Wed, 25 Sep 96 15:28:32 BST
From: Michael Jervis / jervism5@cs.man.ac.uk

i saw Zombie on the HeadBangers Ball on MTV Europe.

They said they are very tired because
they have been touring for 4 out of 5 years.
They plan to have a long break and then start a New Album,
they all ready have some stuff but it could change completely
so they wouldn't say what it was like.
That was about 2 weeks ago.
...well it seems that the band disbanded before that new album



In The Belly Of The Beast "Fan Club Use Only" Video (VHS)

* Includes... o The Marquee - Norwalk, CN - August 10, 1993 - 45 mins o 3 Interviews and Videos for Thunderkiss '65 and Black Sunshine o Cincinnati, OH - August 26, 1992 - 35 mins # Lambours Brooklyn, NY - May 30, 1990 (VHS) - 20 mins (Opening Act) * Close off the set with a rendition of Helter Skelter

??? Rob Zombie - Mesa Amphitheatre - Mesa, AZ - November 27, 1998 (VHS) - 85 mins * Last show of the Hellbilly Deluxe tour * Note: Many topless women on stage

1996-01-22 @ Rio Brazil

  1. Electric Head Pt. 1
  2. Super Charger Heaven
  3. Real Solution #9
  4. Black Sunshine
  5. Welcome to the Planet Mother Fucker/Psychoholic Slag
  6. I Am Legend(Intro)
  7. Electric Head Pt. 2
  8. I, Zombie
  9. More Human Than Human
  10. Creature of the Wheel
  11. Children of the Wheel(typo supposed to be Children of the Grave)
  12. Thunder Kiss
60 Minutes The sound is good, but Rob seems to run out of breathe. It is professionally shot by MTV. The color is a bit bad but it is 7 years old.
The cover is a picture of the band with a white background, it's in a hard plastic case. The back has the playlist on it and a picture of the band which Sean has a bone thru her hair like Pebbles from the Flintstones.

I'll trade for it


Word on the music lable street is that rob is planning to release a video album sometime in feburary or march of next year, but the thing is that no one has heard of him starting anything yet. and that wz is supposed to have another audio album in june or july, the go to the studios in a few weeks

ROB ZOMBIE will be in the director's chair for the upcoming BLACK LABEL SOCIETY video, for the track "Demise Of Sanity", which is scheduled to be lensed on June 24th at a real Los Angeles slaughterhouse. In other news, Spitfire Records is shipping a new BLACK LABEL SOCIETY CD promo to radio this week containing two different singles?"Demise of Sanity" for the heavier active rock stations, and an edited version of "Bridge to Cross" for the more straightforward mainstream rock stations. The single will be going for adds on June 24th.


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