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13 tales of cadaverous cavorting inside the spookshow international


  1. Call of the Zombie [0:30]
  2. Super Beast [3:40]
  3. Dragula [3:42]
  4. Living Dead Girl [3:21]
  5. Preversion 99 [1:43]
  6. Demonoid Phenomenon [4:11]
  7. Spookshow Baby [3:36]
  8. How to Make a Monster [1:38]
  9. Meet the Creeper [3:13]
  10. The Ballad of Resurrection Joe and Rosa Whore [3:55]
  11. What Lurks on Channel X [2:29]
  12. Return of the Phantom Strangler [4:31]
  13. The Beginning of the End [1:52]


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Real WZ fan will be a bit disapointed of this Album as a 1st opus of RZ solo carrier it is far less metal that WZ but much more weird and full of electronic noises. Anyway the vocals are quite the same as on WZ records.
Best tracks are IMHO : leaving dead girl, spookshow baby, meet the creaper and dragula.

Work on the Zombie's solo debut album "Hellbilly Deluxe" began in August of 1997 and was completed 10 months later. finally released on Aug 25 1998. It was recorded at The Chop Shop, Hollywood, California
It sold more copies in its first week of release than any White Zombie record before it. Released as :

The name came form a joke on a Dwight Yoakam CD that came out about ten years ago, called "Hillbilly Deluxe."
Goof : Creature Core credits goes to Met the creeper and "Wish it away" was a song but rob didnt finish it

There is at least one bootleg of the tour : Live at Ozzfest Holmdel (1999)


The album boasts a deluxe 24-page booklet. "It’s a welcome relief from the less-is-more school of thought," Zombie opines. "I grew up in the heyday of cool record packaging. I would stare at the record for hours. Now, you open a record and you get nothing. I always feel cheated."

Basil Gogos (The misfits artist and guy who paints the C. Ghost) made the painting for Rob Zombie's new album - just like American Psycho (the recto side)

1313 is also the address of the Munsters.1313 Mockinbird lane....probably where Rob got it since he's a Munsters fan. http://www.nocturnals.com/

Also Gene Colan of marvel comics, and Daniel Brereton made some drawing for the inside booklet.

The robot on the back of "Hellbilly Deluxe" cd is from the 1939 Universal serial "The Phantom Creeps" which starred Bela Lugosi.. Obviously, it's not the original, but Wayne Toth (who also did the FX for House Of 1,000 Corpses) made it for him to exacting specifications. http://www.art-f-x.com/

And tell me what are thoses signs, before last page there is purple devil and thère are signs in the background .

The clean version of the album hasnt the pentagram on the right (and no rosa whore) ... TBC


Thanks to - Gary Richards, Liza Joseph, Brent Thomas, Stephen Levy, Les Scurry, Jeff Terzo, Marion Schmidt, Pilgrim Mgt., Boris Schade, MCT Mgt., Waxploitation, Mike Venezia, Mom, Dad & Spider. and Howard sterm + Alice Cooper



Infos :
Herman Munster's Dragula
Guitar tab
Singles / Remixes :
There are least 3 differents remixes of it
Sample : Superstition, Fear and Jealousy


Infos :
"SUPERBEAST" was nominated for the 2000 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, Charlie Clouser was involved in Co-writing of it.
Video It has that johnny ringo,of japan's johnny ringo's rock and roll tv show,introducing rob,who's decked out in his prince of darkness outfit with his dreads hanging out in front.pretty intimidating looking guy.
Available on :
Remixes / Singles :
Superbeast - Porno Holocaust Mix @ AMTSB , Valentine Soundtrack
Superbeast - Girl On a Motorcycle remix [3:51] @ AMTSB , End of Days Soundtrack
Guitar tab


"I heard that the Living Dead Girl video was based on an old movie. If so, what movie was it?" :
"The movie would be "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" which was made in 1919 by Robert Weine, and starred Werner Krauss and Conrad Veidt. i know you can find it in most video store that actually SELL videos - and I am sure that you can find it on the net, too." -- RZ

"We filmed it three nights. Parts are in Philadelphia, parts in Chicago and parts in like Akron, Ohio or something. " -- RZ

Guitar tab
Remixes and Singles
Song also on the Psycho sequel soundtrack


"Creature Core" was changed later to "Meet the Creeper" ... (w/ Danny lohner and Tommy lee)


Deluxe Edition

The new Hellbilly Deluxe: Deluxe Edition came out on Tuesday here in the states. It was priced at about $27, which was an OK price, seeing as this is the re-issue with the DVD with videos for every song (plus two remix videos). I am reviewing the DVD section and booklet, because the CD is exactly the same. When you open it, it has two seperate sides with the Living Dead Girl painting (in Rob's "Haunted Mansion Whorehouse" room if you saw Cribs). On the left it has the Music disc and on the right is the videos disc, just like Past, Present and Future, except a little bigger. The CD art is different. On the right, inside the flap is the booklet, which is 26 pages and features illustrations for every song by David Hartman (of deviantART, has done work for Rob before). The videos, most of which you have seen, are great. Don't be fooled by the back, "What Lurks on Channel X?" is NOT previously unreleased, it's the SAME video you may have seen before. Most of the videos that were previously unreleased were recorded in 1999-2000, just never released. "Demonoid Phenomenon" is UNCENSORED on this version. "The Ballad of Ressurection Joe and Rosa Whore" is set where the original intro for "Superbeast" was (some Japanese show). My favorite new videos were probably Meet the Creeper and How to Make a Monster. The "Bonus Videos" are in like a special features section of the DVD, which they are both crap. The Living Dead Girl Remix is probably a remix on "American Made Music...", which I never owned, but clips of this video are also in "Call of the Zombie" (with the color inverted). Return of the Phantom Stranger Remix's music is horrible, but the video is actually pretty funny. You'll have to get it to see it. "Perversion 99" and "The Beginning of the End" are both concert clips.

I give it about a 9/10, it's great, but I was kind of disappointed about Perversion 99 and The Beginning of the End just being clips from concerts.

If you already have the album, don't get this unless you want to see the videos. It's not a 'MUST HAVE' or anything, but I wanted it and got it. Remember, folks, coming in March of '06 we get a new Zombie album =). Fives on guitar though =(



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