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Rob has been worked with lot of differents musicians, check the albums credits.
Anyway he has been touring with :


He is an *excellent* syth, beatbox programmer and act as a side guy in majors songs.
Born: June 28, 1963 :; Moved to New Hampshire in 1979

History - "It goes like this: You're a drummer. They invent drum machines. Drum machines sound better than you ever did. You get drum machine. Since you're a drummer, you can program better beats than everyone else. You get a sampler to sample drum sounds, and a sequencer (computer) to sequence them with. Next thing you know, you're the only guy who can work that shit, and you play keyboards with two fingers and it still sounds better than a real keyboard player who can't work the rig. Voila, you're a keyboard player. Even though you suck."


During the time period between The Sinister Urge and The Devil's Rejects, former guitarist, Riggs, started a new band called "Scum of the Earth." A fusion of metal and electro, SOTE is described by many to be a combination of Rob Zombie and Prong. After the release of SOTE's debut album, "Blah...Blah...Blah, Love Songs For The New Millenium(sp?), Riggs and the gang went on a few small club tours. After Rob Zombie regrouped to record there album "Educated Horses" for whatever reason, Riggs was not asked to come back, and was replaced by Marilyn Manson's John 5. SOTE is currently writting and recording there 2nd album. Former drummer John Tempesta is now in "The Cult" and is currently touring with them And as you and everyone eles knows by now Blasko has quit RZ for Ozzy's band.


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