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White Zombies were reviewed as if they were playing BS backwards.
They covered Children of the grave on 1st BS Nativity in black compilation tribute .
In Y2K Tempesta played on Iommi album.
Ozzy is invited to sing on Iron Head (TSU Rob Zombie)

I just clued in that Rob was the front man for White Zombie, now he's gone solo. Same career path as Ozzy but 17 years later. Maybe sometime around 2015 we'll be going to Zombiefest. :^)

MTV : Celebrity death match : Ozzy vs Rob, Rob was a guest in the Osbornes

About the ozzy Song : Zombie Stomp Is there REALY any connection between this song and Rob Zombie ? (Maybe he's doing some backing vocals in it)

Rob's version of Fairys wear boots by Sabbath was supposed to be on Nativity in Black 2.


NATIVITY IN BLACK : Children of the Grave

Tribute to black sabbath : new unrealised song : children of the grave , Label: Columbia - id#CK66335 Released: 1994

Guitar tablature

Tracklist :

  1. After Forever by Bio Hazard
  2. Children of the Grave by White Zombie
  3. Paranoid by Megadeth
  4. Supernaut by 1,000 Homo DJ's
  5. Iron Man by Therapy? w/ Ozzy Osbourne
  6. Lord of this World by Corrosion of Conformity
  7. Symptom of the Universe by Sepultura
  8. The Wizard by The Bullring Brummies
  9. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Godspeed w/Bruce Dickinson
  10. NIB by Ugly Kid Joe
  11. War Pigs Live by Faith No More
  12. Black Sabbath by Type O Negative
  13. Solitude by Cathedral



VA-OZZFEST (OZZY OSBOURNE) : OZZFEST 2002 LIVE ALBUM includes 13 tracks with 3rd one : Rob Zombie More human than human (live)

Buy it online at http://rzr.online.fr/rd/id/76

  1. War Pigs
  2. Needles
  3. Rob Zombie : More Human Than Human
  4. Creeping Death
  5. Freaking Out
  6. Berserkers
  7. Ghosts Along the Mississippi
  8. Call for Blood
  9. Payback
  10. All Lies
  11. Big Brother
  12. Liar
  13. She Is Beautiful



Kevin: It's so funny becuase Ozzy is one of those guys who is the grandfather of this our type of music, he's been doing this for 30 years or something. We had him headline the "WeenyRoast" a couple of years ago.
Rob: He's so great...he's such a...

Kevin: And he came out and blew the place away. He was fantastic on stage,he was great. And then you talk to him backstage, you don't know what the hell he's talking about.
Rob: Yeah,he's one of those things. He's one of those people,,you hang out with, you get used to him and then you see him on "Behind the Music" and realize "holly crap,I keep forgeting that's the same guy. It's like Alice Cooper and some of those people, it's like " Jesus,holy Crapola!" But he's so low key about it,he's just the nicest guy.

Kevin: well,it's a good tour folks...ozzy, Mudvayne,Rob Zombie,....L.A. Sports Arena. Tickets go on sale Saturday for December 28th. And the new cd is called The Sinsiter Urge and that one goes on sale on tuesday. And go Kings,dude.
Rob: Yeah,Please Go Kings!

Kevin and Bean: Rob ,you're very cool to come back and see us. We're the ones you come home to. We always enjoy it.Thank you...thank you Rob.
Rob: allright,see ya.


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