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Entertainment Asylum Music invites you to meet everyone's favorite spookshow ringmaster, Rob Zombie.
He is here talking about his new album, " Hellbilly Deluxe."

Welcome, Rob Zombie!
Rob Zombie: Hello.

Online Host: Are you on AOL?
Rob Zombie: I kind of ignored computers, as long as I could get away with it. Kind of.

Question: When is your next CD coming out?
Rob Zombie: In conjunction with the one we're doing with Korn, we're putting together a package with "Hellbilly Deluxe" .

Question: How do you get your hair like that?
Rob Zombie: I don't know. No effort. That's kind of exactly what happens when you don't put any effort into it.

Question: Do you like being a satanic star?
Rob Zombie: Sure. Fantastic. It's wonderful.

Question: What is your favorite cereal?
Rob Zombie: Well, probably mini frosted shredded wheat. That's always good. It has that nice thick layer of sugar that gives you that get up and go!

Question: How do you handle your fame?
Rob Zombie: I don't, it handles me. Everything's good, it's all good. I don't know why people complain about it. It's funny, I don't really have any celebrity friends. The only one I have is Alice Cooper, and he has a logical take on things. He says, "You don't worry when people ask for your autograph, you worry when they DON'T ask for your autograph."

Question: What did it feel like when you recently appeared on ECW Wrestling? Do you plan on a future in sports?
Rob Zombie: It didn't feel like much of anything. I plan to go into wrestling. I'm pumping up as we speak, and I'm on the steroids. Sports drugs are good.

Question: I saw you on "Fashionably Loud" with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, you seemed bored -- were you?
Rob Zombie: Uh, well, it's a funny thing with those MTV shows. I think I always come off as bored. They roll camera, I'm on, and then they go, "Oh wait, we didn't have the mic turned on." You end up telling the same jokes ten times, so you come off bored.

Online Host: Do you like MTV?
Rob Zombie: It's one of those things. It's fine.

Question: Do you have a religion? If so, what is it?
Rob Zombie: I have my Dragula religion.

Question: Do you think you'll be coming to Portland, OR with Korn?
Rob Zombie: Um, I don't know. I don't even know where the hell we're going. I can't seem to get the tour dates because it's in the hands of Korn. They're heading towards Florida, but I don't have it yet, so I can't say one way or the other.

Question: Have you played the Monster Bash pinball game? I think you'd dig it.
Rob Zombie: No, I probably would, but I haven't played it. I have a bunch at home that I play all the time. The Star Trek I have is good.

Question: Where did you come up with the name " Hellbilly Deluxe" ?
Rob Zombie: It's kind of a joke on a Dwight Yoakam CD that came out about ten years ago, called "Hillbilly Deluxe."

Question: Do you wear a cup when you perform?
Rob Zombie: A Cup of Soup? No. I'll leave it to your imagination.

Question: What was your favorite video to shoot?
Rob Zombie: The "Dragula" video, so far, was the most fun to shoot. It was the whole beginning, and it was fun.

Question: What do you think when not only teenagers like you?
Rob Zombie: I think that's just fine. Obviously once you break through on a bigger scale, the first thing I notice more than the older people, is the younger kids, I mean really young. There's always the teenage kids, like sixteen, but it's weird when you see the kids that are ten. But that's fine because when I was a young kid, I liked music. You know, MTV. I remember being too young because all the clubs where I lived weren't all ages. They were 21 and over.

Question: Rob, why did White Zombie split up?
Rob Zombie: To give you the short version, the band was together for 13 years and did a lot of stuff, and that was cool, but we ran out of steam. Rather than making crappy records, we just ended it. There's nothing worse than when a band stays together and you go, "God I wish they had split up! They suck!?

Question: What do you think of this new Pop era of "Feel Good" music?
Rob Zombie: You mean like Backstreet Boys and all that *expletive*? It's like, music for little kids. It must be a bummer when your audience is thousand of young girls. And when they grow up there's no one there.

Question: What happened with the ?Daily Show? appearance?
Rob Zombie: I don't know. Nothing. I never did the ?Daily Show.? Someone talked to me about doing it, but unless they scheduled it without telling me, and then cancelled it without telling me, I don't know. I don't really like to do those shows, it's not really my bag. I've been offered to do ?Politically Incorrect,? but I don't like to do them.

Question: What do you think of Marilyn Manson?
Rob Zombie: He's nice. He's a nice guy. I saw him last week. He just had a birthday party. He just turned 30. He's cool.

Question: Who is your idol?
Rob Zombie: I don't know. I don't have any. I don't really think of anybody that way. I don't idolize. I don't have an answer for that. I'll watch older movies and think the John Ford Westerns are amazing. But it's not like I say, "I idolize Jerry Seinfeld."

Online Host: Where can I get a shirt like yours?
Rob Zombie: Ask my mom. She gave it to me for Christmas. Horror movies are one of my favorite things in life that I love.

Online Host: Why do you sing about the devil?
Rob Zombie: Because you kids demand it of me. You love being under his evil influence, don't you?

Question: Rob, where did the "Living Dead Girl" video get filmed?
Rob Zombie: That got filmed, um, I forget. We filmed it three nights. Parts are in Philadelphia, parts in Chicago and parts in like Akron, Ohio or something. My plan is to make a full length video where there's a video for each song and they're all tied in together.

Online Host: How long have you been singing?
Rob Zombie: We use that term loosely! Uh, the day the band started was the first time I really ever did anything, and that was 1984. It was six months or so before we started playing out. I can never really do anything on other people's terms. I wanted to start a band to do this. And if other people didn't want to do it, I didn't care. Me and Spider both wanted to do the same thing, so there was no way to make it happen for us to play in the same band.

Question: I really like your artwork -- are you going to be doing anything with that soon?
Rob Zombie: Um, let's see, The next main thing I'm working on with artwork is that live record. It's all illustrations. A lot of people complained that there weren't enough illustrations on the last one. There's never enough for anyone! The next thing is the Spookshow. I always have plans to put books together, but I have a million projects, and I have to prioritize them all. Right now I have to finish the video, finish the tour, finish the stage set.

Question: When will you come to Japan?
Rob Zombie: I don't know at the moment. We haven't been to Japan since forever. Let's see, after the Korn tour in South America maybe. I don't know. Not for a while. Even though it seems like we tour so much, and it still seemed like we couldn't get anywhere. As far as around the world, we'll get everywhere eventually somehow.

Question: Is it possible for you to ever top your last album?
Rob Zombie: I hope so. Even though "Hellbilly" only came out six months ago, I'm really looking forward to the next record because I love the guys in the band right now, and I love playing with them. They only came in about the last two months, and I didn't get to utilize them much.

Question: Did you really do any skateboarding in the commercials for SMF2 for MTV?
Rob Zombie: Yes, I did. I won't say which parts, but I definitely did do some.

Question: Do you like Hanson?
Rob Zombie: No. I don't know, maybe if I was like nine years old I'd think they were really cool. When I was really little, like in kindergarten, I thought the Partridge Family were really cool. That was before MTV, so the only thing I saw was Banana Splits and the Monkees.

Question: How long does it take you to do the makeup before you go onstage?
Rob Zombie: Not long. It just builds up from night to night, and eventually, it never comes off. It's not really like costumes. The only reason we wear it onstage is because it gets so disgusting, sweaty, and caked with blood, you can't wait to get it off. You know when you take off your pants and they can stand up by themselves.

Question: What made you come to the decision not to use guitar solos?
Rob Zombie: Well, I didn't really come to this decision, because I kind of hate guitar solos. There are certain aspects to where they're just so beat. Like, "Here we are, a certain time into a song, time for a guitar solo."

Question: Maybe this is a stupid question, but who was your inspiration for "Living Dead Girl??
Rob Zombie: Stupid question? I don't know. The Hanson question is what I say is a stupid question. I guess my girlfriend Sherry is the whole dead girl thing. She's the girl on the CD.

Question: Is Zombie-a-go-go records going to release more albums soon?
Rob Zombie: Yeah, I don't know if soon, but there's other stuff in the pipeline that I want to put out. We're in a transitional phase, so I have to get the whole thing up and running somewhere else, because things are ending with Geffen.

Online Host: Thanks for joining us, Rob.
Rob Zombie: Thanks.


2001.11.31 /Chat live with Rob Zombie on Halloween! @ AOL

Edited by J&J transcription provided by VampiroX13

4:30(PT)/7:30(ET) today, HALLOWEEN, 10/31! At the time of event, go to AOL Keyword: LIVE 10.30.2001

AOLiveMC21: Welcome and happy Halloween to Rob Zombie!
Rob Zombie: Thank you! Happy Halloween!

AOLiveMC21: OK, here we go with our first audience question, from Levstyle:
Question: Hi, Rob! Your work is amazing. Just wondering who worked with you in this upcoming album.
Rob Zombie: It was co-produced by Scott Humphrey, who was co-producer on the last album. It is the same band as the last album with a few guest stars, including Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Lee, Mix Master Mike and several others.

AOLiveMC21: KILRblue sent this question in for Rob Zombie:
Question: What inspires you to keep doing the music you do when it seems everyone else is going mainstream?
Rob Zombie: I just do the music that I like, if it is mainstream or not mainstream. I really do not think of it like that.

AOLiveMC21: Applesandrazors sends this question for Rob:
Question: How would you describe the imagery and sound of 'The Sinister Urge,' and how does it compare with 'Hellbilly Deluxe'?
Rob Zombie: I would say that it is different, but that it is the logical next step in the evolution of the band.

AOLiveMC21: KcAnTylsEn005 has this question for Rob:
Question: Where did you get the influence to write your music?
Rob Zombie: These days, I am not sure. I do not feel particularly influenced by anything. But originally the things that influenced me were bands like Kiss, Alice Cooper and horror movies and things of that nature.

AOLiveMC21: NemesisOne9 has this question for Rob Zombie:
Question: Have you done any recording with Zakk Wylde?
Rob Zombie: No, I have not, but I just saw him two seconds ago, just as he was walking down the hall!

AOLiveMC21: LAMBOFGOD15 from our audience sends this one in:
Question: Rob, the new album -- how would you describe it? What's your favorite song off it?
Rob Zombie: I guess I would describe it as just a good, all-American Zombie album. And my favorite song is 'Demon Speeding'.

AOLiveMC21: SMANAGE has this question:
Question: What is the song 'Dead Girl Superstar' about? The video on the site is awesome.
Rob Zombie: It is sort of a sequel of a song off the last album, a song called 'Living Dead Girl.'

AOLiveMC21: JustColdAsIce has a wheels question for Rob:
Question: Rob, what kind of bike do you ride? I know you must be a brother biker.
Rob Zombie: Nope, I don't have a bike.

AOLiveMC21: Levstyle sends in one again:
Question: Rob, any chance of re-collaborating with the old Zombie lineup?
Rob Zombie: Definitely not.

AOLiveMC21: Tazz775 is curious about a video, with our next question:
Question: Rob, is it true that the children in the ' More Human Than Human' video is a video of you and Spider when you were younger?
Rob Zombie: Yes, it is a video of me and my brother and one of our cousins.

AOLiveMC21: Giftedhonorstude in our audience has a question:
Question: What do you consider your music? Heavy metal? What?
Rob Zombie: I guess I just consider it a cross of... I don't know. I guess metal is the best way to describe it.

AOLiveMC21: Giftedhonorstude with another:
Question: Do you write your own music?
Rob Zombie: Yes.

AOLiveMC21: Elekthd sent his one:
Question: So what do you do for Halloween?
Rob Zombie: I do many things. But this year I am playing the first show of the first tour with Ozzy, so that is how I will celebrate.

AOLiveMC21: Speaking of holidays, do you have a holiday wish for the upcoming season, Rob?
Rob Zombie: Ahhhhh... no. Well, I wish life would go back to normal.

Question: Did you listen to a lot of Goth music growing up, such as Bauhaus?
Rob Zombie: I listened to a lot of the classic bands, I guess, such as Bauhaus, Siouxie and the Banshees, stuff from the earlier bands.

Question: What is your opinion of file-sharing services like Kazaa which make your music available to your fans for free?
Rob Zombie: I think in some ways it is good, 'cause it is nice that the people get to hear the music and share it. But I think in other ways it is bad, because people are ruining the experience of having an album for the first time in its proper form.

Question: What is currently in your CD player?
Rob Zombie: Currently I have been listening to sort of Halloween records.

Question: Where do you find yourself 10 years from now?
Rob Zombie: I don't know. People have been asking me that question for a long time, and I have never been able to answer.

AOLiveMC21: RIDER OF DA SKY sent this one in:
Question: What was it like working with Ozzy on this CD?
Rob Zombie: It was great. He is a friend and a great guy, and it was a good experience.

Question: Rob, what's your favorite horror movie?
Rob Zombie: I would say 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' or 'King Kong.'

Question: What effect do you think your music should have on your listeners?
Rob Zombie: I think it should be an escape from everyday life and take them to a place that is more fun.

Question: I heard you on Howard Stern one morning, and you said you were having problems releasing your movie ; will it ever be released?
Rob Zombie: Yes, but not until next year.

Question: Are you going to have a new look/style with this record ?
Rob Zombie: I am not really sure.

Question: Many people are asking when you are coming to their town. Is there a Web site where fans can get tour information?
Rob Zombie: Yes, http://www.robzombie.com should have all tour information.

Question: Hi, Rob, will you be doing a solo tour after the upcoming Ozzy one?
Rob Zombie: I will probably have another tour that will start in February, yes.

AOLiveMC21: XxV7xX sent in this one:
Question: What do you think about collaborating with Trent Reznor ?
Rob Zombie: I can't see it happening anytime in the near future.

AOLiveMC21: A polemical question up next:
Question: How do feel about music and other forms of media being blamed, at least in part, for problems in America? Do you feel that music should be toned down following the recent attacks?

Rob Zombie: No, because I believe it is two completely separate things. And as the recent attacks have shown, music, movies and television are not connected to the real problems in the world.

Question: How did you get involved with making the soundtrack of 'Twisted Metal 4'?
Rob Zombie: Same way I get involved in anything. I will get a phone call from somebody asking me if I am interested; I will either say yes or no.

Question: How did you get involved with making the theme song for WWF superstar Edge?
Rob Zombie: Well, the song was already written and on the new album, and the WWF called and asked if they could use it. It wasn't written explicitly for them, though.

Question: Rob, what are your reactions to the Sept. 11 attacks on America, and what do you think about what we're doing to retaliate?
Rob Zombie: Well, I mean obviously, I feel the same way as everybody. It was horrifying. And I believe that retaliating is the only thing we can do.

Question: I saw your new video last night from the new album. Did you put in all the American flags because of the disaster on 9/11/01, or did it just turn out that way?
Rob Zombie: That was actually the original idea before that happened, and then I considered changing it because of that, 'cause I thought it would look phony. But then I changed my mind and stuck with the original idea.

Question: Are you a Hitchcock fan?
Rob Zombie: Yes!

Question: What are some of your favorite bands?
Rob Zombie: The Beatles, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, The Misfits and so on.

Question: What is your favorite tattoo you have?
Rob Zombie: I don't know. I like them all!

Question: When is the video DVD coming out?
Rob Zombie: Sometime after Christmas.

Question: Rob, will you ever work with Spider ?
Rob Zombie: I have no plans at the moment, but maybe in the future.

Question: What is ' House of 1,000 Corpses' actually about?
Rob Zombie: I don't really want to give away the plot, so you will have to wait and see!

Question: Limp Bizkit brings in new, upcoming bands. Are you planning on bring anyone into rock god stardom?
Rob Zombie: I don't really understand what you're talking about. Unlike Fred from Limp Bizkit, I do not have a record label to do such a thing.

Question: Rob, are you and Alice Cooper going to do a concert together, and, if yes, how soon?
Rob Zombie: I would like to, but there are no plans at the moment.

Question: Rob, are you married?
Rob Zombie: No.

AOLiveMC21: Here is our last question of the evening, Rob:
Question: I read recently that you were wanting to start your own comic book. If you do, when will it come out?
Rob Zombie: Yes, that is something that I want to do, but I do not have any plans to do it at the moment.

AOLiveMC21: Hey, Rob, thanks for coming on and talking with us.
Rob Zombie: OK, thank you!

AOLiveMC21: Take it easy, and hope 'Sinister Urge' does well. Good night, everyone. Happy Halloween!




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